Friday, August 31, 2007

Picnic and Pictures

The first ten pictures were taken from my mum’s car window. The time was during sunset. It was raining a little. It was the night I was going to Hosanna’s farewell dinner at Yuen’s Steamboat Restaurant (Uh that was like, last Friday?). I thought I could bring my dad’s camera along, but he didn’t allow me when he found out that we were going for steamboat. Haha. So I didn’t get to take any pictures accept the ten interesting ones I managed to take on the way, which I am posting here. =)

The rest of the pictures are what I took on today itself. Since it’s a public holiday, my family went to this really huge park, for a picnic. =P Ahaha. Yeah, and I was nearly screaming with excitement when I saw that there were so much to take in the park! =D I took some really cool pictures of these super giant ants I spotted. Teehee. xD

Well, enjoy the pictures! And yes, they are nature pictures again. To me, humans are less interesting nowadays. So, yeah. =D

Pictures from my mum’s car window:

Raindrops on the window.

Nah, the orange light isn't the sun. Its a lamp post light. =) I like the effect. =D

I spotted a bug on the window. Man, I always see something "interesting" whenever I have my camera with me! =P The bug didn't fly away because it was "stuck" to the window. (The rain made it wet.)

“Picnic-at-the-park” pictures:

Tree roots.
A shaft of sunlight.
Crawling vines.

Gosh, this reminds me of "Jack and the Beanstalk". Cool picture! =)

Dead twigs.
Feet and Slippers.
Now, for the Super Giant Ant pictures!

Nice le?
Wow, I dunno how I managed to get the "shaft of sunlight" in this shot.

Upside down.

Janna and my mum on the "hanging bridge".

Fuiyoh, look at the ant! I was literally screaming to myself when I took these shots. They're so AMAZING!! Thank God I was smart enough to bring my camera!

Look at the pincers! (Ok, I'm not sure if you can use the word pincers for ants. Someone correct me. =P)


A yellow bird!

I went too near until the Super Giant Ant managed to climb on my camera lens. Ahaha.

Jirene and Janna climbing like monkeys on the spider web thingy.

Tree bark.
Leaf shadows on cracked ground. =)

I like this shot, for some reason...

Weird tree branch.
Whoa, the flowers must be huge to appear as such huge shadows!

Leaves that look like giant green flowers. Ahaha.

Funny tree alignment. =)

A butterfly. Or is it a moth?


No, she's not reading comics. Look carefully.


Credits to Jirene.
I LOVE THIS SHOT!! =D Nice "perspective". =)

Okie then. Enough of pictures. Man, I can’t believe I managed to take the super giant ant pictures! =D Teehee. Have a good weekend! ;)

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