Monday, December 31, 2007

Too Much Laughter

Did you know that too much laughter can make you cry?

Perhaps, you do.

On the 28th of December, I went to Sis. Kim’s house to crash the Slumber Party she was hosting and surprise the girls who thought I wouldn’t be coming. It’s been a long time since I joined them for a slumber party. The latest one was when I stayed over after the watch night service in Klang on the 31st of year 2006. I remember Shannon, Cerdwin, Joyce, Sarah Pang, Zlwin, and Jason were there. It was simply the best way to start the New Year!

This time, it was an all girls slumber night. Excluding Alvan, who came earlier to help us with the food preparation. He’s gonna’ be a chef, you know! ;) Anyway, I crashed the party and managed to surprise… Guess who?

JOYCEEEEE!! ! I didn’t even know that she’s already back from Sarawak! (Yeah, what best friends we are. But oh well, the fun side of it is that we’re always out to surprise each other. Ha ha.)

There were ten of us, including Sis. Kim – Me, Su Ling, Su Mei, Yoke Ping, Joyce, Rachel, Cerdwin, Aisha, and last of all, Jian Quin, the girl who’s our awesome slumber party organizer! Man, I really had a good time with them. I really thank God for the chance. After this, we’ll all be busy again, and it’ll be some time before our next slumber party. I’m so glad I managed to join them for this one. We had a good chat, and of course, there’s also the “too much laughter” part.

When it was way past our bedtime, we started getting a bit “high”. And the usual symptom of getting “high”, is, UNEXPLAINABLE LAUGHTER. I can’t remember why we couldn’t stop laughing. I kept on laughing because Joyce was laughing so hard, she was making me laugh harder. And Joyce was laughing so hard because Su Ling was laughing in such a funny manner – she was literally rolling on the couch. And I think the rest of the girls were laughing because Joyce, Su Ling, and I were laughing like maniacs for particular reason.

But it was fun. I haven’t laughed like that for ages already. It’s funny, too. And I learned that…

Too much laughter can move you to tears!

I laughed so hard, I started clutching my stomach and shouting, “Su Ling, stop laughing, stop laughing, STOP LAUGHING!!!”Ahahaha. Oh bummer, if only I brought my camera along – the pictures will start you sniggering at our uproarious madness.

Anyway, here are some pictures I took on our last YE service yesterday. The Young Adults Fellowship (YAF) from PJ and Klang came to join us.
Sis. Kim, the first to give a testimony. =)

Jonathan Lee from PJ Young Adults

Benny Wong!

Samantha's testimony

Bryan Ong. (Hey, thanks for the nail polish! :P)


Li Yen

Poh Leong's testimony.

My dad in PINK. It was a Christmas present from someone - another pink freak. Not Zlwin, unfortunately. (I was wearing pink, too. Gah. Zlwin was all too happy.) Haha.

Gifts for committee members.



Su Ling

Sis. Kim giving out my gift.

Sarah Pang!

Jian Quin, our awesome secretary!

Shannon, Sarah, Sherrene, Su Ling, Samantha, Dexter, and Jian Quin


Wuan Chin



Wei Loong





Poh Leong

Hwai Ta

Hwai Ta and Sherrene

Sis. Kim's farewell cake. She's not going anywhere far, thank goodness. :P Haha.

Kimmy's farewell gift. Haha.

Suba and I

Kim Fay and I

Did you know that Shannon Keng owns a Cards for All Occasions business? She’s making homemade cards and selling them to people who want to buy them with a heart to pay for such fabulously creative cards. She even “hired” a fancy prancy professional – like Mr. “crappin’” Caleb – to design a business card for her. Cool right? For more info, checkout her business blog – Made With Love, by Shannon Keng.

Wuan Chin and Jeff is helping to promote Shannon's card business, too. :P

Joyce and Shannon's business card. Designed by Caleb. It's so niceeee.

Kimmy is going off to Singapore for her studies tomorrow. We won’t be seeing her till she’s on her term break. Thank goodness she came for youth service yesterday! Take care and God blesscha loads, Kimmy! Come back quick. :)

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Is Over

There you go. The last exciting bit of the year is over already – Christmas, I mean. There weren’t many programs this Christmas. I’m really quite grateful that I was part of the Christmas play (the Big Hullabaloo, they called it) by the PJ rangers. Otherwise I would have been quite bored. Well at least I was part of something, you know.

Here are the pictures my dad managed to snap during our performances in PJ on Christmas Eve, and in Klang, on the 25th.

The crowd was HUGE on Christmas Eve day. All the kids had to sit at the front while we were presenting.
The Christmas Tree (or, gender confused ogre?). Ahaha. Or better known as, Sam, of course.

The pretty bells (with blue ribbons and all). Oh, and Shaina in the middle.

Diane, Charlene, Kedric, and Tjin. Oh, and I just noticed Sam's face!

Samantha and Andrea

Shawna and Zoe

Wee Yen, Naeden, Darren, and Wei Sern

Mum and Joyce

Brenda, Grace, and I

With Sherlyn and Brenda. (Mygoodness, we look sick in this picture. The lighting's horrrrrible.)

Meena and her lil' sista. They actually look alike, you know.

Ai Vy and Christina

You should see his tie. Ha ha.

Artwork by Zoe Lim.

Tania and I.

Merry Christmas!

I like this one. It's part of my mum's scarf.

Ooh, I like this one, too. I sort of snapped it by accident.

Caleb and I. (Photo grabbed from Sam Ong's blog.)
Oh my, oh my, oh my. Did you know what?

Caleb’s going off to the little town of Robe today! Hint: It’s somewhere, someplace, in the land Down Under… Boo hoo hoo. I wonder when will we see him again?

25th December was the last time I got to see Caleb. It'll be some time before I see him again. Don't worry Caleb, we'll miss you. =P Hahah.

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