Friday, August 12, 2011

Let Go

by Janielle Beh on Saturday, July 30, 2011 at 3:34pm
The sky is falling, all else is crumbling
Where do I run to?

The world needs saving, the ship is sinking
Who will come to the rescue?

The light is fading, the wind is sighing
Oh is this the end of me?

No one is seeking, no one is praying
I wonder if all is lost?

My candle burns briefly, so briefly.
Still I cling on to this Hope.
Yes, this anchor for my soul.

The rest can let live. But I will learn to let go.
~ j a n i e ll e

The Silver Lining

by Janielle Beh on Saturday, July 30, 2011 at 12:18am

'Don't you give up now,
the sun will soon be shining,
You gotta face the clouds,
To find the Silver Lining.'

I love the song 'What Faith Can Do' by the contemporary Christian band 'Kutless'! That's where those lyrics are from. You gotta face the clouds, to find the silver lining!

On one cloudy and gloomy day, I was tired and gloomy myself. What a dread to face the heavy, grey clouds while walking to school. Ah, but then my perspective changed when I saw a golden tinge outlining the clouds and the warmth of the blessed sun glowing somewhere beyond. Although the clouds were still hanging, and all around me was grey, it heartened me to know that somewhere beyond the sun is still shining.

I remembered the lyrics to the song and started singing. Immediately I felt much better. Sometimes we just need these silent reminders to help us see BEYOND ourselves and beyond the grey and gloomy state we're in. How much more joy and peace will we find if we stop focusing on our petty worries and instead fix our eyes on the things that transcend all these temporal troubles!

If we care to look. If we care to see and listen. If we choose to pause and be silent. Yes, just for a moment. We will realize more often that the challenges we face each day are merely stepping stones in the larger picture that God sees. Why do we not see it?

C.S. Lewis said, 'Time is like a line drawn on a piece of paper. And God is that piece of paper.'

God encompasses past, present and future. He's already there, he's here, he sees it all. WE, on the other hand, are limited by the present. We are that dot, that speck on the line progressing to the next dot to form the continuous line. Humanly speaking, it is unnatural for us to see beyond ourselves, to try to grasp the larger picture. But with God's help we can. I just need to take a step back sometimes. We're often too focused on the little things so much so that we neglect the more important things that will encompass the smaller issues!

How shortsighted are we. How blinded at times by our own petty problems. How hopeless we are if we try to venture out on our own! Even the sun that gives us warmth and life, cannot be controlled by us.

We can command nothing. We can demand nothing. We can only surrender everything, and in that paradoxical act of self-surrender, receive everything that God can and will give those who can see beyond the temporal and are ready to give their all to Him.

~ J a n i e ll e


by Janielle Beh on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 9:34pm
Reading the news about the atrocity of the UK riots, and even of riots in other parts of the world has made me wonder how man can be so lawless when given the chance to show their true colours.

How many of us have clear, inherent ethics and principles that we will stick to in spite of trying circumstances?

How many will not succumb to looting and murder when they are starving hungry?

Or even in the case of these so-called civilized people living in grossly privileged, developed nations, who are not even to the point of starvation or in great depravity.

Even children are seen running about amok in the rioting crowds looting and adding to the havoc. It is quite unbelievable. You'd think only barbarians would act like this. But no, even educated, normally well-mannered folk can run around harming even the common people and beating up the police.

This makes me think, what of the people around me today? What about myself? If I were in a situation when the law no longer bounded me, where 'everyone else' is running around doing as they please in the cause of so-called 'rioting', would I join the band-wagon as well?

What about people I know? Nice, friendly, kind, caring people. If they were placed in desperate situations; if they had to steal or kill for food; if they had to harm others to save themselves; if they had to forsake their friends and family to preserve their own lives, would they very well succumb to such pressures?

If I had to one day deny Jesus to save my temporary existence on earth, would I do it?

These are unanswerable questions for the moment. But really, it is the questions that make this meaningful and intriguing, not concrete answers. It is the tight rope of faith that I'm balancing on that makes this life exciting. But then again, I am in a precarious position. I could fall. I could very well succumb and go with the flow. I could very well turn into a monster if I were forced to show my true colours. Now THAT'S a scary prospect for each of us.

Despite all the laws and regulations this world has now, things don't seem to be getting any better. Despite all the high-flying technology, despite education, the number of hungry people and impoverished families continue to increase steeply. Despite all the knowledge man has, there is still that inherent stain of evil intent in each of our hearts.

What can deliver us from this except the blood of Jesus sacrificed as an atonement for our fallenness?

People will still continue living, working, protesting, rioting, whatever. But won't they realize that it is all in vain if they have not the stamp of Christ's redemptive work on their lives?

The world will only continue to decline. We know it. Everything is only being held together by a thin, flimsy frame. By the grace of God we will have a bit more time. Meanwhile the world is filled with chaos, confusion, deception, and ultimately anarchy. In many places its already happening. Some of us are safer, others are not. Whatever it is, lets hold on the the TRUTH and the HOPE that we have in Christ Jesus.

~ J a n i e ll e

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