Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Olla people!!! (As Gabby says... =D)

Alright!! So... Yesterday I was actually GROUNDED. YES!! GROUNDED!!
OK, so... What so SURPRISING anyway?? Well, sadly to say, Zlwin was actually surprised that I got GROUNDED. Sheesh. Haha, what so SHOCKING anyway?? So, Zlwin says, he thought I was this goody-goody girl who listens to instructions ALL THE TIME.

I think... THAT SOUNDS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

Haha, who doesn't get GROUNDED anyway?? NO ONE!! If you never got punished for something bad you did before... I think you must not be quite HUMAN. =)

Yeap, I was grounded... For something lah. ;) I knew you'd wanna' know what!!

Okies then, I've got to go. There's a special service tonight in GRACE PJ. Victor Kusi is here. (Uh, I'm not sure if that's the correct spelling though...) You know what Janna said when my mum said Victor Kusi?? "Oh, that BLACK COLOR GUY ah??"

HAHAHAHA. He's a black guy lah...

Ok ok, TATA now. =) Hmm... I cooked up a recipe: The main ingredient is... Matthew 6:19-21


Monday, January 29, 2007

Hello people...

Well, I don't have anything to write about today... =) Actually I do. But... You see, there is this ''thing'' called:

Sluggishness... or maybe it can also be called lethargy, or lazyness, or indolence, or slothfulness, or torpor, or apathy, or langour, or dreaminess, or somnolence, or idleness, or lassitude, or inertia, or jadedness, or etc. etc. (I just checked the Thesaurus... No wonder it sounded smart!! You might think...)

Sorry, I was just EXAGGERATING. For fun. Mind me. *grins foolishly*

Sorry, this picture isn't the best FOOLISH GRIN I can give you... Its the best I've got!! XD

BUT, I'd NEVER forget one thing... You have to be FED today!! =) So... Lemme' ''cook'' somethin' up. *Flips through the Bible* "Aaahh... I've found somethin' very juicy..."

Matthew 5:16 for YOU!!! Shine 4 Jesus!!! Winks smartly*

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hellooo GORGEOUS people!! =P Aiks, why did I say THAT?!

Oh yes, I shall type about today... TODAY!! Yeap, I just arrived home from the... MINGLE JINGLE party!! Woohoo!! It was ABSOLUTELY great, I can tell you. But FOR ME, I was expecting more time lah... I wanted to ''chat up'' with some people, but in the end, [sadly to say] I didn't manage to lorr... Haih. But oh well, it was STILL a very very VERY good good GOOD day!! God is GOOD!! And ofcourse, ALL THE TIME!! =D Actually ah... I'm very tired now. But the thing is, I don't FEEL like sleeping. (huh?) Yes, it doesn't make sense. Oh well, who cares?! XD

I really really thank God for today, it was a FANTASTIC day!! I managed to chat ABIT with EMILY & ROU SHINQ. Yipee yay yay!! ;) Well I didn't get to talk much, but at least, I did SOMETHING. Hehe.

Hey Emily, I forgot to FEED YOU. I'll call you soon, and FEED YOU. If you actually know what that means. MUAHAHAHA. =)

God is an AWESOME, AMAZING, WONDERFUL GOD!!! Wow wow wow!! I'd actually like to testify about something, but I lazy to type lah... So, I'll tell you soon if I get the chance. =P But before I'm done with this, I'd like to quote today's YUMMY YUMMY DELICACY!! Wink*


So, God bless and have a good day... Make sure you read the verse before you go to bed. If not, GOD KNOWS what... (''what'' lah!! =P)



Friday, January 26, 2007

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!!!

Today, I shall write about a very VERY IMPORTANT event TOMORROW.


So, the very VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT event tomorrow is:


Woohoo!! So, get ready to mingle and... uh... jingle!! What?! XD Hahahahaha. So till then, i shall remind you:


It starts at 2 o' clock SHARP.

It will be held in 2nd Hall, Grace Klang.

There will be lots and LOTS of JUNK FOOD. Take note: Everyone who is present, MUST bring along 2 packs of goodie goodie JUNK FOOD. =)

Bring your friends if you can!!

So get ready for MINGLE JINGLE tomorrow. We'll have a whale of a time!! It'll be FANTABULOUS!!

So, I pray I'll see you tomorrow yeah. God bless!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Howdy, my dear friends!! =D

Well, once again, I've came up with yet another "article" for you. God bless you tons IF you actually READ IT!! =P

To have a TRUST-WORTHY FRIEND, I believe, is the GREATEST "GIFT" from GOD one could ever have!! I'm sure all of us would have encountered a fun, and dependable friend in our lives. Well, many times, alot of people say that its really hard to find a friend whom you can really trust and 'hinge on'. Yes, I do agree. But we must remember, that if we want to make friends we NEED to FIRST do OUR part. If not, it will surely be difficult. Its neccesarry for ALL of us to be available to others; to be a friend to someone. But the main problem most times is: certain people are not willing to open up. THAT is the SAD thing. And there are also the "NOT-SO-FRIENDLY" type, these are the ones that just want to mix around with their own group. SAD SAD SAD. Ok, fine with me. I'll mix with those who NEED it, and WANT it.

What I'm trying to emphasize on, is practically simple. We are all people; each INDIVIDUAL has his/her own INDIVIDUALITY. Every guy and girl has their own PERSONALITY and CHARACTER. Certain people like to stick to their own group of friends. Some, on the other hand, are willing to open up and mix with a new group of people. And I bet you, these are DEFINITELY, the BETTER TYPE. Haha. =D Not to forget also, there are those who are just the "ALONE" type. These people have hardly ANY friends. They just sit around INVISIBLY and keep everything to themselves. Well, here's the good part:

** As Christians, we are all SUPPOSED to go to these "lone" people and reach out to them. JESUS came to help and save those who were LOST. And we, as God's children, are SUPPOSED to WORK WITH HIM to do the same! And here comes John 15:16-17 and Hebrews 10:24-25!! Even though it may be really hard at times, we should at least TRY to INCLUDE them in our own circle of friends. But above all, it's still UP TO THEM to choose.

Now, here's the part for YOU.

So, are you the one ALONE? Are you the one that's just mixing with your own group? Or are you the one who's willing to give yourself up to others and make new friends and be DIFFERENT? Like I said, its still UP TO YOU. Whether you're new in a particular place or not, you can still make NEW friends and DISCOVER different people.

So till the next time, TATA and Jesus bless!!

Janielle off to dinner... =D Btw, I'll post the China & Korea pic s the next time. Hehe. And i LOVE this picture here. Beautiful effect!! =)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hello people!!!

Ok, here we are. I'm just posting SOME pictures of the Beijing trip just 3 months ago. This is just some trailer thing lah.. Haha, not the full thing. So enjoy. ACC for GOD!! =D

Badaling Great Wall of China

Rubbish lah this one.. =P I suggested wan. Muahahaha.
Us. With the MARBLE BOAT in the background.

Summer Palace. I LOVE THIS PLACE, ABOVE ALL ELSE!!! I tell you... Simply AMAZING!!
Hmm... I like this. Beware: There's ALOT more pictures coming up!! This is just the beginning! XD
Some rock thingy, in Forbidden City.
Nopez, no photoshop done here. My dad's camera is simply amazing!! =D

Outside Forbidden City
About 3 hours after we arrived Beijing. Off to Forbidden City!!

Forbidden City... Wait people, wait. The pictures are coming. This is just the 'trailer' part. =P

Get ready for the next wave of youths,

A great rock thrown into still waters,

Giving love a new and true look,

Putting last ourselves and first others.

Freely giving love the way we received,

For we are all made to love I believe,

He came not for the righteous,

But to show love to the unloved.

Join the fight or be left behind,

Choose your side and front the line.

A new brand of identity

A whole new personality

A new wave of frequency

A whole new type of unity


So... GET READY!! Be prepared!! John 15:16-17

God is with us,

Janielle & Zlwin

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I LOVE this picture, too!! Haha.... woohoo, ACC we are!! =D Yeesh, how come there's that 'guy' at the back? Spoil the pic oni.. yeesh..
My mum and Zlwin. I just don't understand HOW Zlwin's lips can be redder than my mum's. She was DEFINITELY wearing lipstick.. hmm.. =P
I LOVE this picture!! Who took this pic by the way??

Haro' folks!!

Just posted some pictures ACC took, and ofcourse with some other people. The snapshots were taken during Samantha Ong's sweet sixteen in KEC yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU!!! =D So... Savour the pictures... Haha. FINALLY we took pictures of the FOUNDERS of ACC. XD

Jesus is with us!! I heard from Zlwin that Ps. Ronald preached on the verses John 15:16-17 today. And guess what? Yesterday in YE, me and Zlwin were sharing about the SAME VERSE for 300 seconds!!! Simply AMAZING how GOD WORKS eh??? Yep, thats OUR GOD. Woohooo!!

Me, Shannon and ZlwinMe and pinko >>> Zlwin. THE FOUNDERS OF ACC!!! Woohoo!! ;)

Me, Shannon, and Zlwin at Samantha's sweet sixteen

Looking UP. To something 'unseen'... So oh well, LOOK TO JESUS!! Hebrews 4:12 for YOU!

Helloo my dear friends...

Yesterday was truly a good day, simply FANTABULOUS!!! Awesome!! Youth Church was the BEST! I managed to chat with a few people yesterday, and it was really really good. We didn't talk RUBBISH and TRASH like most of you do, ok? It was BENEFICIAL talk for both parties. Really really really FANTASTIC!! I'll talk to Emily and Rou Shinq soon yeah... All those irritating INVADERS kept on bugging us. Yeesh yeesh yeesh. AS A RESULT, I SHALL MAKE AND OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT.


Please please PLEASE, next time when you see me, or other people talking or having a very very good chat with someone, please DON'T INVADE our conversation. Don't corrupt it with your silly TEASINGS, because i really REALLY DISLIKE it. I'd love to tell u in person. I WILL. This is a WARNING. You've done it so SO many times. Its not very nice, when people are engaged in a good conversation with someone who NEEDS it, and YOU come barging into it and ruining everthing. So, pretty please, STOP INVADING. Thank You!! =D

So, till the next time, TAKE NOTE: MINGLE JINGLE is on NEXT SATURDAY in YE 2nd Hall at 2 o'clock SHARP. We'll have a whale of a time!!! =D

Friday, January 19, 2007

Heya extraordinary beings!!

Woohooo!!! ACC!! Hurrahs! =) Haha... Wow, pinko, everyone's seem to be so excited lah!! Awesome!! Continue in that manner my friends!! Haha... Ok, I tend to use a bit too many exclamation marks. But oh well, who careth?! Its a very very good sign!! That means I'm excited. And you MUST be too!! Hurray!! Claps* Cheers* ACC!!

Ok... Enough of that HULLABALOO. Go check the dictionary lah! I shan't tell u what's the meaning. By the way, I didn't make it up. Its a REAL word. =P Serious!! Haha. - Yes, Ian. Good for your vocabulary. X) Hahaha.

I'm just so terribly excited for tomorrow!! I shan't tell u why, though. =) Haha. By the way, those who are excited for JESUS, YOU -


- are surely, definitely joining ACC! Come and talk to me. OR pinko >> Zlwin. Tell me YOU'RE IN. And i'll get you IN. Don't worry, i know you have ALOT of QUESTIONS to ASK. But hold on, and PRAY FIRST. Let the excitement burn and burn and BURN until the TIME FINALLY COMES, LET IT ALL OUT FOR GOD!! WooHooo!! Haha. *smiles a HUGE HUGE HUGE smile*

Alright, so, TODAY'S DELICACY is:

Take note: This is going to be a very VERY SCRUMPTIOUS, MOUTH-WATERING, DELICIOUS, YUMMY YUMMY-LICIOUS... MEAL!! So prepare yourself... =D

~ Psalms 103 ~

Eat well, and enjoy!! I'm off to Klang now... TOMORROW!! Woohoo!! Praise the Lord O my soul... Make sure you come for YOUTH CHURCH at 2.00pm SHARP. I wanna' talk to EVERYONE of YOU! Hope time permits me to do so... =D

"But from everlasting to everlasting, the LORD'S LOVE is with those who FEAR HIM...''

+ Janielle +

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Greetings, my friends!!

Today was a pretty normal day. Nothing much. But going for piano class today particularly amused me a little. I shall proceed to tell you WHY it amused me. So, as i was playing one of the sonatinas in the Book of Sonatinas (which is obviously my piano book), my teacher started to lecture me. She didn't lecture me for not practicing or anything. Its just that, I didn't PLAY ACCORDING to TIMING. The metronome went 'tik-tak tik-tak' and I knew I wasn't following the beat properly. I was playing the piece too quickly.

That's when my piano teacher said: "You see, now you DON'T know HOW to PLAY SLOWER. Always also play all the fast songs. (She said something like that) Now when it comes to the slow part, you can't play."

It struck me quite hard when she said that. Haha, and as she was lecturing me, I was smiling from ear to ear. Seriously. She must have been glaring at me suspiciously. Haha... I've always THOUGHT that sonatinas were meant to be fast, but there were also the slow parts. And when it came to that part, i just couldn't play it properly because my beat has always been FAST. Well, it occured to me that even in our daily lives, we tend to go TOO FAST. At times, we really need to learn HOW TO live our lives at a SLOWER PACE. Sometimes we go around doing so SO MANY things, and in the end... what? I think we should also learn how to PRIORITIZE and think about the things we NEED AND SHOULD do. Instead of running around here and there doing all the UNNECESSARY things. Things we DON'T NEED TO, or SHOULDN'T be doing!! Do you actually get me? Haha... =D

Another factor is also TIMING... and SEASONS. In what ever we do, we need to do it according to RIGHT TIMING. And this in turn, connects us to GOD'S TIMING. Many times we all want to do our own thing. We go around planning this and that, going all over the place, occupying ourselves with so many activities; but have you ever thought of God's timing? We need to pray and ask God to tell us when to work and do things, according to His perfect timing and season.

Daniel 2:21

"He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning."

So, work according to GOD'S TIMING and HS SEASONS in EVERYTHING YOU DO. =)

Jesus Loves Us All, and to ACC: May GOD bless this organzation, may it multiply in size & number, and may WE work according to HIS TIMING for year 2007!! Woohooo!! ;)


The Living Word

Helloo friends!!
I think i would love to go 'straight to the point' today... So...

The million dollar question I would really want to ask you people today is:

Have you ever considered the Word of God, as in, the Bible as your daily food? [Laughs]

It's okay if some of you don't get the million dollar question. Well, actually, it's quite simple. Most of us wouldn't consider that thick, over-a-thousand page book - the Bible, as our daily food. It might probably even sound ridiculous to those of you who haven't heard of this before. But right now you're just about the consider God's Word more seriously. When I mentioned that the Bible is like your daily food, you should try to consider it spiritually. Think about it as you read.

If you didn't eat your meals 3 times a day, or in fact everyday, what would you think would happen? Yes! You would probably starve and get malnourished. That's precisely what happens spiritually inside us when we don't read the Bible! We might seem fit and healthy on the outside, but on the inside, spiritually, we are weak and unstable. As Christians and as God's children, that kind of thing shouldn't happen to us. So don't waste any more time. Pray and seek help from God and He will surely help you overcome it.

For it is already writen in the Bible, God says in Jeremiah 33:3: "Call to me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you do not know."

And in James 1:4: "If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God who gives to all liberally, and without reproach, and it will be given to him."

You know, I was kinda like that way, too. But not until after I realized it, I started to change. I thought I would try to read the Bible at least once a day or something like that. It was very difficult, because the devil kept stopping me from doing it. But after I prayed and tried harder a couple times more, finally, it soon became a daily affair. And nearly each day, I was able to do my devotions and stuff like that. Sometimes I guess most of us would give excuses like, I don't have loads of time to read the Bible; I'm so busy with school and I've got so much to do. Or even, it's too boring, and I can't even understand most of the sentences. Well yeah, I have to admit I thought the same about it a couple months ago too. But now, I've realized that God's Word isn't just some boring old-fashioned book with lots of words I can barely understand. It's much, much more than that!

Oh come on, just think about it. The Bible contains tons of wonderful parables and proverbs and stories which we can learn from. The best thing about it is that it's truly, really the inspired Word of God! And you are assured in 1 Timothy 3:16-17 that, "All Scripture is by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped, ready for every good work." Once I realized that, I no longer thought it was boring and uninteresting, or just waste of time. And I'm 100 percent sure, that He can do the same for you, too! So don't worry. Just try spending some time everyday meditating on His Word and pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to you and grant you the passion for reading His Word.

P.s. Remember to feed yourselves FAT with God's Word! Hebrews 4:12

Jesus Reigns in MY Life!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Special Announcement!!

This ANNOUNCEMENT is for EVERYONE. Whether young or old, fat or thin, big or small, Christian or Non-Christian, friends or family, happy or sad, pink or black lover, clever or intelligent, dumb or silly, pig or frog, home schooled or school schooled…


Hello people!!

This announcement is to PROMOTE a special ORGANIZATION which has JUST RECENTLY been created. I would like to MENTION 2 VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE WHO FOUNDED this SPECIAL ORGANIZATION
which is called:

The ACC [For now, we would NOT tell you what ACC stands for. It still remains CONFIDENTIAL. And ONLY, the FOUNDERS would know what the acronym ACC stands for.]

Therefore, I shall proceed to announce the FOUNDERS of the ACC organization
, which is:

Me, MYSELF, I and my dog >> JANIELLE BEH - and,

Mr. PINKO >> Pink Metal >> ZLWIN CHEW [Sadly to say, in this case, he is NOT in pink!Sorry partner! =P]

YES!! It is US, the FOUNDERS of the ACC organization!! For now, I will just give you all a HINT* to what ACC is ALL ABOUT. Be prepared!!

The PURPOSE of ACC is:

- To REACH OUT to a SPECIFIC bunch of youths

- To create a FRIENDLIER and more WELCOMING atmosphere amongst this diverse bunch of unique youths (NOTE: I will not YET tell you WHAT bunch of youths. This special announcement is just to INFORM and PREPARE you for SOMETHING EXCITING that is coming up ahead of you!)

- To LEAD lost youths to JESUS

- To spread out and spot youths that has the potential to STAND OUT FOR CHRIST. [There are many more that are yet to be listed. Just wait and continue to visit this site for more updates of our latest plans!]


John 15:16-17 (This verse was specially chosen by Me, Myself, and I >> Janielle) and Hebrews 10:24-25 (Yet another verse chosen by the OTHER HALF of ACC: Mr. Pinko >> Zlwin) Go read it! We are all CALLED & APPOINTED to go out, and reach out to those who are LOST. The theme also includes EVANGELISM, LOVE, and of course, the theme for Grace Youths this year 2007: L.I.F.E

For now, I and Zlwin will continue to promote ACC until its OFFICIAL LAUNCH, which is not decided YET.

So be ready and steady for the new wave of a bunch of youths that are passionate and excited for JESUS! Its coming, its edging nearer and nearer, THE TIME HAS COME for youths to RISE UP and STAND OUT IN THE GAP to REACH OUT and LEAD OTHER youths (both Christian and Non-Christians) to JESUS!

So read on, my friend! Go check out the other half of ACC:

All for JESUS,

Janielle Beh

Heya friends!!

Haha, i've just posted a great many pictures of my family's Australia trip in 2004. 2004! Haha.. OUT OF BOREDOM. ENJOY!!! =)

We stayed in a CARAVAN!! Ya done that before??

Jirene and Me, doin' some stupid pose in front of a giant tree

HANDSTAND! Hilarious picture... In my eyes.. ;)
At the beach.. Look at the "heavy" clouds behind us.. cool cool... =)
I have the nicest face here. =P Haha...
Whoa!! I love this pic too! Haha, we were at the SHOWGROUNDS. The biggest fun fair in Perth.
This is another one of my favorites!

At the farm house.. Feeding PONIES!
Me and Jirene, up in the GIANT TREES...

the couch after school. Still in her uniform. Can you see the 'crossing of her legs'? Haha, unique way of sleeping. =)

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