Monday, January 29, 2007

Hello people...

Well, I don't have anything to write about today... =) Actually I do. But... You see, there is this ''thing'' called:

Sluggishness... or maybe it can also be called lethargy, or lazyness, or indolence, or slothfulness, or torpor, or apathy, or langour, or dreaminess, or somnolence, or idleness, or lassitude, or inertia, or jadedness, or etc. etc. (I just checked the Thesaurus... No wonder it sounded smart!! You might think...)

Sorry, I was just EXAGGERATING. For fun. Mind me. *grins foolishly*

Sorry, this picture isn't the best FOOLISH GRIN I can give you... Its the best I've got!! XD

BUT, I'd NEVER forget one thing... You have to be FED today!! =) So... Lemme' ''cook'' somethin' up. *Flips through the Bible* "Aaahh... I've found somethin' very juicy..."

Matthew 5:16 for YOU!!! Shine 4 Jesus!!! Winks smartly*

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