Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Adele’s Farewell

For the past months in VCASS, I got to know many wonderful people who love music as much as I do and whom I’ve enjoyed hanging out with. One such friend is Adele, and she’s one of the awesomest cellists around! It’s sad to say that she has decided leave us and make a move all the way to Manchester to pursue her music studies and, practice like crazy… Hahaha. =) It’s been a privilege to meet her in VCASS and she’s made me and the other newbies feel so welcome!

Recently, the few of us Year 11 girls with Nicole and Sariah from Year 12, planned a farewell dinner for Adele. I only wish we had more time to hang out that night! Here are the memorable photos Nicole and Emily took that night, and my edited versions of them. =)

Altogether =) Top: Sariah, Emily, Janielle, Rachel, Adele, Nicole. Bottom: Justine, Tatjana and Kathy. The bottom row girls and I are the 2010 VCASS newcomers!

Haha, it was a pretty funny moment considering we were posing right at the tram stop!

There's another Emily in the photo beside me now. =)

We went to a nice Italian restaurant Tiamo at Lygon Street for Adele's farewell dinner.


Rachel Xu, Adele, me and Emily Lanham.

Emily and her awesome Tiramisu dessert which we made for us at Nicole's place after dinner!

Singing farewell to Adele!

Haha, this cracks me up. We were all shouting "We Love You, Adele"!

Our parting shot. =) Sariah Xu, Emily Sheppard, Emily Lanham, Adele, me and Nicole.

A memorable night. =) Hope to see you in the summer holidays, Adele! We'll miss your fun-loving company. =)

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