Monday, January 21, 2008

Slumber Party, the Biggest Ever!

Yesterday after the Grace Youth Leaders Outreach session (we watched We Are Marshall), I followed Joyce home with Jon Kok and Sarah to try out her brand new drum set. Yesss, you got that right dude, I ain’t wrong – DRUM SET, it is. Haha, I don’t know how her family can tahan all the noise pollution wei. Joyce can really whack and wham the drums like crazy, you know! :P

At about 9 pm, we headed to Cmdr Sherrene’s house for an Adventure Slumber Party. Yeah, I decided to join them since it was their first one ever. Unfortunately, this year I’ll be in Expedition already, and I’m now currently going to the Selangor #7 Rangers! But I was really glad I to be able join them yesterday. Invite me for more next time! =D

And boy, I tell you, the Slumber party was HUMUNGOUS! It was the first time going for such a big slumber party event. There were at least about 30 of us, plus commanders and some uninvited folks – like Alex Yong! Hahaha, I’m still laughing over the tickle-tickle-with-Janielle’s-tail incident. Alex, you rascal of a boy! :P

There were so many of us, so most of the time we were hanging out in different groups. Some of us were playing Pictionary, some were playing the rubber-band-dunno-what game, while others were playing Mafia, and of course, there were the ones who played the best-est game of the lot –


Aha! So fun to play la! I never knew it’d be so entertaining – until I was taught to play yesterday with Brian (eh, I still haven’t found out if you did betray me or not in the end! :P), Alex, Arthur, Joyce, and Hwai Tah. If only we could play longer. Too bad I had to wake up early the next day to follow Cmdr Kevan to Grace PJ. And our bedtime curfew was at 2am. But the “older fellas” continued playing (in the dark, with torchlight, of course) until about 4am. Haha, it was fun, really. Mostly because I was winning – yes yes, I still have that “aura”, I suppose… xD

Here are a handful of shots I and Cmdr Ivan snapped.

Man, I can’t stop singing the chorus of Freedom We Know!

We’re gonna dance dance dance, in the freedom we know We’re gonna dance dance, in the freedom we know We’re gonna dance dance dance In the freedom we know Because the freedom we know, is gonna last forever

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. – 2 Corinthians 3:17

Oh wonderful, my dad just told me I’m grounded from computer for the whole next week! =D

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Swim or Sink

The title of today’s post is also the title of a book I came across at Borders yesterday. I didn’t read it, of course. If you come across it, you’d probably figure why I didn’t read it. What a bore. But don’t worry; it’s linked to the contents of my post.

My family went for a swim yesterday and brought my two cousins, Jon and Benjamin, along. I’ve been very lazy to swim the past few weeks – months, actually. But surprisingly, I started to get the hang of swimming again yesterday. My dad first taught me how to swim when I was a baby – nine months, I think, to be exact. Really. Well, according to them la. Then I started swimming properly when I was 8. I enjoy swimming. You feel so good, really.

So now, I’m gonna’ start swimming again. Well, I’m partly motivated to work harder at it cause’ yesterday, when I competed with Janna swimming the freestyle – guess what?

She beat me to it! When I finally touched the other end of the pool, I realized that Janna had caught up with me and I was at least 2 feet (if that’s how you measure it) behind her! I gawked at her in disbelieve, and then I screamed. How could she? Hahah. xD It was quite funny actually. My mum had already predicted that one day Janna would catch up with me. But no, I’ll make sure I speed up and beat her to it the next time.

Soon. :P

Here are the pictures me and my dad took turns to take. It rained twice, on and off, while we were swimming. I really like the raindrop – pitter-patter – pictures. They make lovely ripples and swirls and circles on the water.

Benjamin Lee wearing my dad's super humungous sunglasses. He wears it over his specs, that's why. :P

I took a similar picture last time.

Jon's silhouette.

Fuiyoh. I love this shot. =D


Jon did the best jump-in-the-air-over-water poses.

Fly higher.

Pitter-patter. I really love swimming in the rain, you know.

Love this. Always been wanting to take it.

I call them, water-diamonds. It really DOES look like diamonds falling from heaven you know.

This looks more "artistic" - like a painting. I put the ISO lower, so its less sharper than the other pictures.


Ooh, ain't this lovely!

Nope, I didn't edit this two pictures. I used the Color Swap mode.

Hee. :) My dad was sitting at the side of the pool snapping us.

Whoaaah. I LOVE THIS!!! Credits to my dad. In a fraction of a second. Snap. =)

The spinning pose.

Fly away. My dad made me chase the bird away so he could snap this. Ha ha.

Fuiyoh, walking on water. See? What the CAMERA can take?

I noticed a plant growing out of the wall of a building. It was nearly one storey high. I don't know how the plant managed to crawl till up there!

Niceeee, right? Ripples in circles. I only managed to capture this because some over-sized boy did something in the pool. So, yeah. :P

After the swim, we walked over to Timesquare and I took some other shots. This is a reflection of palm leaves on a pool of water after the rain.

Reflection of Timesquare on the opposite building.

I don't really like going to Timesquare. The only thing I like about it, is BORDERS. Its the most hugest bookstore!! (Notice the unnecessary use of "most" and "-est".)

Escalators. (Its always nicer in Black and White, somehow.)

AND, for the last one, a shot of me somersaulting into the pool. I love the way the tip of my feet is touching the ground. :)

Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter. (I forgot who said this.)

Not everybody trusts paintings but people believe photographs. - Ansel Adams

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