Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Swim or Sink

The title of today’s post is also the title of a book I came across at Borders yesterday. I didn’t read it, of course. If you come across it, you’d probably figure why I didn’t read it. What a bore. But don’t worry; it’s linked to the contents of my post.

My family went for a swim yesterday and brought my two cousins, Jon and Benjamin, along. I’ve been very lazy to swim the past few weeks – months, actually. But surprisingly, I started to get the hang of swimming again yesterday. My dad first taught me how to swim when I was a baby – nine months, I think, to be exact. Really. Well, according to them la. Then I started swimming properly when I was 8. I enjoy swimming. You feel so good, really.

So now, I’m gonna’ start swimming again. Well, I’m partly motivated to work harder at it cause’ yesterday, when I competed with Janna swimming the freestyle – guess what?

She beat me to it! When I finally touched the other end of the pool, I realized that Janna had caught up with me and I was at least 2 feet (if that’s how you measure it) behind her! I gawked at her in disbelieve, and then I screamed. How could she? Hahah. xD It was quite funny actually. My mum had already predicted that one day Janna would catch up with me. But no, I’ll make sure I speed up and beat her to it the next time.

Soon. :P

Here are the pictures me and my dad took turns to take. It rained twice, on and off, while we were swimming. I really like the raindrop – pitter-patter – pictures. They make lovely ripples and swirls and circles on the water.

Benjamin Lee wearing my dad's super humungous sunglasses. He wears it over his specs, that's why. :P

I took a similar picture last time.

Jon's silhouette.

Fuiyoh. I love this shot. =D


Jon did the best jump-in-the-air-over-water poses.

Fly higher.

Pitter-patter. I really love swimming in the rain, you know.

Love this. Always been wanting to take it.

I call them, water-diamonds. It really DOES look like diamonds falling from heaven you know.

This looks more "artistic" - like a painting. I put the ISO lower, so its less sharper than the other pictures.


Ooh, ain't this lovely!

Nope, I didn't edit this two pictures. I used the Color Swap mode.

Hee. :) My dad was sitting at the side of the pool snapping us.

Whoaaah. I LOVE THIS!!! Credits to my dad. In a fraction of a second. Snap. =)

The spinning pose.

Fly away. My dad made me chase the bird away so he could snap this. Ha ha.

Fuiyoh, walking on water. See? What the CAMERA can take?

I noticed a plant growing out of the wall of a building. It was nearly one storey high. I don't know how the plant managed to crawl till up there!

Niceeee, right? Ripples in circles. I only managed to capture this because some over-sized boy did something in the pool. So, yeah. :P

After the swim, we walked over to Timesquare and I took some other shots. This is a reflection of palm leaves on a pool of water after the rain.

Reflection of Timesquare on the opposite building.

I don't really like going to Timesquare. The only thing I like about it, is BORDERS. Its the most hugest bookstore!! (Notice the unnecessary use of "most" and "-est".)

Escalators. (Its always nicer in Black and White, somehow.)

AND, for the last one, a shot of me somersaulting into the pool. I love the way the tip of my feet is touching the ground. :)

Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter. (I forgot who said this.)

Not everybody trusts paintings but people believe photographs. - Ansel Adams

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