Monday, January 14, 2008

Can’t Stop Snappin’

Wahooo! I’m so, so happy that I came upon two unexpected chances to take some really AWESOME pictures yesterday. I was so absolutely thrilled! =D And I’m jolly excited to show you the pictures… =)

Do check out Janielle Beh’s Flickr page for the pictures I took yesterday morning and evening. One was sunrise, the other was sunset. Make sure you comment. Now I’ll just post the shots I took in Grace Youth yesterday and the ones snapped at Carey Island seafood restaurant (I’m not sure if that’s the right spelling yeah…). I followed my dad there for the GY Camp committee appreciation dinner.

Then there’s a handful of pictures I took today at church during the Selangor #7 Homecoming. So here goes. =)

This is one of the awesome shots I took yesterday morning. Beautiful, isn't it? Check out the rest on my Flickr page. =)

Dexter Teh! =) Quote: "I'm glad I broke my leg..." :P

Ps. John and Charles

Emmanuel's brother introducing himself. Haha, gotcha'! He just seems to look like Emmanuel, that's why. Well, pretty much la.

Shannon's shoes and mine.

Shannon showing her teeth.

Shannon biting her nails. :P

Shannon shutting her mouth. :P Ahahaha.


Brian Chow =)

Kelly and I

With glasses. xD

Looks as if Joel's face is cut and pasted on the picture. Ha ha.

Kelly and Poh Leong

Yeaaah, you should see his HAIR. Really, I tell you. Very weirdly messy wan. :P Its not that obvious here, unfortunately.

Credits to Zlwin Chew.

Reflection on glass. You notice that there's actually a smaller identical reflection of the bigger one?

Zlwin picking up a piece of broken glass. He also snapped a macro picture of it with the sunlight gleaming through.

I had a nice chat with Don after youth service. Kinda for the first time - in person, I mean. Man, I didn't know you could talk that much! :P Hehe.

Credits to Poh Leong. He was using the Manual mode, I think. Very nice to play wan.

I look kinda "droopy" here. xD You know why?

Because Poh Leong was taking ages to adjust the whatever-manual-thingy, I actually got tired of smiling after awhile! Ahahaha.

Zlwin and I. Good posers we are, I tell you.

After that Sherrene came. Not Sherrene Teh, yeah.

This is the other Sherrene. Hwai Tah's wife, of course. :P

Aiyoh, Poh Leong actually took a really nice, caught-in-the-act shot of my dad pointing his hand at the camera. Unfortunately, I think someone accidentally deleted it. I didn't even know. Gah. So, who's the culprit???

Hmm, I think it was Penny...

Zlwin and I ran out of the car once we arrived the seafood restaurant cause' the sun was setting quick, and the scenery was sooo perfect, and we badly wanted some silhouette against sunset shots. I only uploaded one here. So do check out my Flickr page for everything. =) I uploaded about 40 pictures of it on Flickr.

My dad, showing off muscles. Unfortunately, it cannot be seen in this silhouette picture.

Me and Penny Yong

The lighting was extra bright. PL laaa... Playing with the manual mode again! Our heads were kinda "shaved" by the light. Haha.

Penny and Su Ling started taking pictures also, when Zlwin and I started snapping like maniacs. xD

Pamela, Jeff, Hwai Tah, Brian, and Poh Leong. They were playing some telephatic game created by Hwai Tah and my dad. It was quite hilarious, really. All of us around the table were watching them guess some number thingy "telepathically". Yeah, you should look up that word. :P And we were trying to guess how they were communcating through their "minds".

Hwai Tah trying it on Justin Loh (I think that's his surname la...).

Su Ling, Eunice, and Aubrey

Aubrey, Sidney, and Sean

Bernice holding someone's birthday cake...

Yes, it's Sherrene Teh's birthday! Her official birthday is today. So0o0, Happy Blessed Birthday, dear! You're one awwwesome girlfriend! =)

Wei Loong was there, too!

Sherrene giving her speech. Standing on a chair, using a spoon!

Justin with his chun DSLR. And Zlwin with his camera semi-pro - for now. ;P Three of us were snapping pictures.

Photographers snapping photographers. (:

Featuring: HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD! Haha, the shirt was from Su Ling and Su Mei.

In today's youth church, with Kaitlyn. Haven't seen her for ages. Sabrina Ngui was handling the camera. (:

Selangor #7 Homecoming. Woohoo, I'm not in Expedition! Yet. =)

Cmdr Terence, handling his "bike". So, can you see it?

You see it now??

Cmdr Terence with one nut. Hahaha, Manesh. (Is that the correct spelling of his name?)

Cmdr Mei Wan

Cmdr Nat

Cmdr Jeff Yong

Wei Sern and Joshua

Adventure Girls =)

The new girl - Carmen

Shaina exchanged her Elmo with me for my super nice vase! (Oh well, Zoe took it in the end. *grumbles*) Haha.

Amanda J.

Debbie Gan

Made by Grace Kam. (:

Cmdr Sumita (back from Adelaide!) and Cmdr Rosanne watching Zoe tear desperately at her gift. :P

Carmen and Shin Yiing.

And for the last picture. This. :D

That’s about all. And remember, don’t stop checking my Flickr page! ;)

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