Saturday, January 12, 2008

Oh What A Day!

Yeah yeah, okay, Bryan’s demanding for an update already. :P

(As if I don’t update often enough, already! Haha.)

I shall tell you about yesterday, then. It was a rather interesting day…

I went with my sisters to Leisure Mall – a shopping centre in Cheras – while my parents went to Fitness First.
(Haha, yeah, what a perfect outing arrangement.) And there, I met my long lost old friend who used to be in the same class as I was in Primary 1. At first, I couldn’t recognize her (well honestly, I couldn’t see her face clearly, that’s why…), but thank goodness my sister found her familiar and I actually plucked up the courage to go up to her and ask, “Hey, are you Christine?”
And thank God, it WAS her! But what if it wasn’t? I’d look like an utter fool then. Haha, but of course, when I went nearer and peered into her face, only did I recognize it was my old school friend. And if you didn’t know why I had to “peer”…

Well, I suppose not everyone knows yet. I’m actually wearing spectacles now. Yes, while typing this. Yesss, Janielle Beh wears SPECTACLES, okay. And I was also very happy yesterday because I finally got my new pair of specs! So the next time you see me wearing it, don’t give me that horrid “oh-my-gosssshh-Janielle-are-you-actually-wearing-specs” look okay. :P And did you know that all the while I’ve been walking around nearly half blind? My power has actually increased to 325 – both eyes! Gaaaaahh.

Yeah, so now you know. xD

And oh ya, I watched The Game Plan yesterday. It was pretty fun.

Whoop de doo, tomorrow there's youth church! =D So till my next update, have a fun weekend! ;)

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