Friday, December 29, 2006

Please: I'm NOT the vainpot ok? =)

So funny lah you, Lilian!! I know, i pity you alot today.. X) Everyone keeps PESTERING you about [you liking "ahem"] Haha.. Oh my advise, is you.. uh.. i don't know what also lah.. Sorry! =P

Anyway, i'm in Denielle's house now! Haiyoh, we stayed up till about 5.30am last night!! Goodness, i was squealing and laughing like mad. I guess we went high. Though i really DON'T know the EXACT definition of: HIGH. HAHAHAHA. Then i woke up at about 1.00pm today, though i really really wanted to slumber in bed longer! Oh come on, count the hours for yourself lah! Haha, my "sincerest" apologies if you don't really get me. Haha, cause sometimes, somethings, you really just don't need/want to [get]. Haha. Oh well, Have a great weekend as we all celebrate the new year 2007!

+ Jesus Loves Us All +


I want ERAGON [the book ofcourse! you silly! =P]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw the movie on Wednesday, well, not much to expect actually... But i BET the book would be well worth buying.

Joyce said it was the BEST [so called i guess] book she'd ever laid her eyes on, so ofcourse i believe her! She's another book lover, thank GOD. =)

Well, i want it or my Christmas present. Can you believe it? Not too unbelievable lah.. actually. Hehe. Just a week ago i was in MPH. I came across the ERAGON section. There was this guy in his teens, he was talking to his friends: "The [Eragon] movie was a DISSAPOINTMENT lah. The message the author [which is a 15 year old boy!] is trying to convey, is not found in the movie!" So ofcourse, i believed him lah i guess.. NO MOVIE can EVER REPLACE the originality, fantasy, imagination, idea, the BOOK beholds. Yep. So i think i'll start reading it in the new year, 2007! Hurrahs! =)

So, tara for now!
Uncle Michael, Ashleigh [ashley lah.. i tend to slur it that way though.. =)], Me, and that ghostly face behind. [Mark-doh]

Hahahaha.. My DAD. As a wine.. what you call that? waiter? uh, no. oh yes! bar tender? XD LOL =) Ashey caught a pic of it. Haha.. Farney lah! [Lilian..?] Heehee!
Oh, you know the [faces]..
Me, Phyllis, and Ashley.. You smart enough to know why the side i am in, is so dark>?

Me and Ashley
Me and Abby at the top right corner, Ashley's parents on the left, and zee "TOP" [NEVER!] men "models" [goodness, i bet you're smarter than that lah.. heehee.]
Ahh.. you know the people lah.. Haha, with my mum ofcourse.. =)
My aunts and gal cousins..
Me mum and my grandma..
Denielle and Phyllis. At the Christmas Eve party in Aunty Rachel's hse. Sorry for the [late] update of the pics! =)

Me dad, Abigail, Ashley, and Denielle. I'm actually in Denielle' hse now! Christmas Eve Party..

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Oh well, you see the names!! Picture by: Lilian a.k.a Mad girl

Ashley and Jessica
I love this pic! Can you spot me?
Denielle, Su Ling, Ashley
Abby, Ashley, Denielle, Shannon
At the YE Christmas Party on Saturday... Ashley, Jessica, and Lilian

Sarah and Me
Guess the faces.. easy easy lah.. =)
Yin Ying, Yoke Ping, and Me..

Me and Michelle.. Ofcourse, there's somethin' wrong with my mouth.. eheh..

Friday, December 22, 2006

Chia Erh [uh, i not sure whether that's the correct spelling] Me and Thomas
Me and Esther [the girl who came all the way from Penang to join us for GY CAMP 2006!! =)

Mandy from USJ and me, ofcourse!! Uh, i didn't get to ask her what's with the "comb" thingy... Eheh.
Me and Carmen... Kristen's friend...
Me and "Nana". Haha, goodness, i think i changed the camera lighting settings! All the pics are so orange!! XD

Me and [sweet] Renee
Guess the humans...
Aisha, Li Hui, and ME, ofcourse! Haha, in 'yellowy-orangy' sorta lighting...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Olla [Gabby first said it! =)] my friends!!

Haha, i really don't quite know what to type at this moment!! =) Oh yes, i remember yesterday. Me and my family went to Midvalley in the evening. Well, we always go there on Mondays actually... So, we went there during dinner time. I was [starving!] (uh, as usual, i'm just exagerrating yeah... =P) So i was thinking about what i wanted for dinner, without realizing my what my Mum was discussing with my sisters. (We were standing outside McDonalds, waiting for my dad, who was obviously looking for a parking space in the parking lot. =_=) My Mum was actually asking my sisters what they wanted for Christmas and obvious stuffs like these. And i was so stuck-up in my head about what to eat for dinner that i actually said: I DON'T KNOW! Haha, goodness, especially when you girls are already typing out your CHRISTMAS LIST. =)

So well, as you already know, i was contemplating about WHAT TO EAT FOR DINNER. Hmmm...

And all of a sudden, just as my Mum was asking me and my sisters what we wanted for Christmas, I blurted out: "I know what i want! I want to eat LASAGNA! In Secret Recipe!

Uh, did you actually get that? Hahaha!! I didn't mean i WANTED Lasagna for Christmas!! I wanted it for dinner! Hahaha... Plain foolishness. Oh well, sorry if you didn't understand, most times, one can never understand another's foolishness. =) Some silly phrase... XD

So have a good day, mate!! Tata, and God bless ya tons!! =D

Monday, December 18, 2006


Phew, just recovering from GY CAMP 2006!! WooHoooo!!! It was simply FANTASTIC i can tell you!! Though it was pretty tiring... I slept till 1 o' clock today! Came back from Bayu Beach Resort on Saturday... i came back home, bathed, and went out again! Gosh, to know that the rest of you would be in bed sleeping after having to sleep late and rise EARLY during camp! Haha... Oh well, to sum it all up easily, i think i'll just describe the "highlights" of GY CAMP 2006 yeah... So read on!

1st Day:

We all settled into our apartments. Each apartment hosted 6 people. I stayed with my 3 cousins: Denielle, Abigail, and Ashley. And also, the other 2 girls: Kristen and her friend Carmen. After the briefing and lunch, we all went to the beach to play games. [uh, i don't wish to tell you every single detail about the camp, it'll be FAR TOO TIRESOME. HAHA!!] The camp started off at night, when we had our very 1st NIGHT RALLY. I tell you, the best parts about Youth Camps are always [without fail], the Praise & Worship sessions! Haha... So... We shall go on to the:

2nd Day:

For most of us, we woke up at an [early hour] of 6.30am!! I did the morning group devotion for my beloved group: MAT PANC[H]ING!! Haha, I was assistant leader la... our group leader was Jonathan Chandra. So well, after that, we started off with P & W again... and then went on to the L.I.F.E Workshop. I bet we all had an enjoyable time, as my Dad, talked about Leadership. Well, one thing is, I don't hope to relive what happened during the camp, if you really want to know, i can tell you in person! Haha, its so much more exciting! =) OK, so i shall continue. After lunch, once again, we all headed for the beach. TO PLAY THE ULTIMATE:

HYDRO WAR GAME!!! Haha, i have to admit, i wasn't expecting to have an extremely, ULTIMATELY, FUN time actually. You see, in the year before, i had a pretty [bad] experince in Hydro War. Haha, my life [paper stapled to wire in a rectangular shape] was TORN even before i managed to shoot anyone!! The flimsy paper tore, due to the slight drizzle of rain before we started the game. Sighs. Sad. That was last year. For ME. But THIS YEAR!! Wahh.. I didn't care already lah... I just ran here and there, practically shooting everyone. Some of them came up to me and said: [something like this] "Why did you shoot us? We are allies!!" But i didn't care lah, after all, Jon didn't tell us who were we ally-ing with! Haha, so, i had a FUN time this year!! Good thing!! Haha. So then, later on, we had dinner, and we went for Praise & Worship in one of the "ballrooms". Ps. Ronald Ooi also shared about Identity that night. And oh yes, one thing, most of the youths had a bad case of sneezing and coughing throughout the camp. Due to the "dusty" CARPET!! Haha, i'll tell you about that if you really want to know any further. Thank God, I wasn't even a bit allergic to dust!! =)

3rd Day:

After group devotion, once again, we went on for P & W. For the L.I.F.E Workshop, Hwai Tah prepared for the subject of EVANGELISM. It was really good. We talked about the Parable of the Sower in the Bible. Then, we went on to our separate age groups of 12-15 years and 16 and above. Yet another L.I.F.E Workshop. I heard that the 16 years and above went into a disccusion of ABORTION. Something like that. I haven't interviewed anyone yet. While the 12-15 year olds had a discussion of self grooming and blah blah blahs. Later on, each group presented their own SKIT. Each based on one commandment taken out from The Ten Commandments in Exodus 20. Haha, my goodness!! We're all such talented people!! Haha, get what i mean? Unless, you're not talented or something, which is rather RARE. =)

Last night PRAISE & WORSHIP was crazy!! Haha, as usual... We sang and danced and jumped untill about 1.00am. Haha, crazy us. But it was good... So thank God.

Last Day:

Pack up. Breakfast. Awards & Photo shoot. AWARDS!! I shall only state the first FIVES lah... So, 5th: Baracudas
4th: MAT PANCING!! Wah... not bad, not bad, out of 16 groups you know!! =)
3rd: Kalahari Calamari
1st: Desesperado Para Dios!! [hope i spelled it correctly!] Well, due to their "HUGE" efforts, they won. Which was worth it lah.. =)

There were other awards, but i lazy to type some more lah... So then we had Tiger Court, and our Farewell time... Hehe, back to HOME! =D

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


WORDS can NEVER EVER describe that feeling that's burning in me right now!! Just recently, i've been in Christina's house, and we decided to have a prayer meeting before we sleep. We started praying and praying, and finally, we went on to pray for Nana because her mom won't let her come for GY CAMP!! Her parents were too worried for her, so, i guess they were quite strict.

Anyway, I remembered that night, what Sis. Kim had said that afternoon in YE about being DESPERATE FOR GOD.


And truly enough, like 2 weeks later [TODAY!], Nana called me and said: MY MOM [ALL OF A SUDDEN] IS LETTING ME COME FOR CAMP!! And guess what? GY CAMP is starting TOMORROW!!!


Haha... Wow, i could hardly believe it. Whatever God did to her parents i don't know, but i'm surely going to testify!!! Its CRAZY, its EXTRAORDINARY, words just can't describe MY GOD!! Hahaha... =) And guess what? God even gave us a DOUBLE PORTION. Renee also called me to say that her mom is also letting her go for GY CAMP, all of a sudden!! Wow wow wow!!

Me. Janielle.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Helloo... My [once] "beloved" friends!! =) Greetings [once] again!!

Oh well, today i went for the church service in GRACE PJ... and I went at 8.00am!! YEEEEEEEEEEEE!! You will be quite shocked if you continue reading... Maybe you'd try it for yourself next time if you're [as "desperate" as me... yeah rite, i was "just" exagerrating!]. Haha, so read on, fellas!! =D

Well, yeah, so if i had to be in church at 8.00am, i definitely had to wake up at 7.00am!! Yeesh, you know how tiring it is when i slept at 1.00am last night (oh, you might say, i do that too..), and the night before? 5.00am...!! ARGH! Oh well, i went anyway... I had to admit, i didn't stand up during praise and worship; i sat DOWN the whole time. I didn't participate in anything (whatever that means) as well.

As the African pastor was PREACHING,
my eyelids were already DROOPING.
So tired i was (like i said), that i actually "dreamed" of slumbering in bed...
Sighs!! I felt cold and gloomy, that even one of my friends noticed later on...

Oh, that must be bore-ing you already!! Anyway, the best part was, as i was trying me BEST [MY BEST!] to keep awake... I actually started thinking something:


This was what i thought (Goodness, i can't believe i'm being so "honest". Don't worry, its all true...): I'm so, so tired!!! I wish, oh i WISH that i was in bed right now!! Ish, shouldn't have stayed up so late reading that book!! Argh... (regrets, regrets, regrets) Hey... the toilet is pretty clean... hmm.. should i go for it? *waiting* for the opportunity...

Then, i finally told me sister: "I want to go toilet." Then i left for the "RESTROOM" ofcourse... Maybe you're not getting what i'm trying to get to, but the point is, i "pretended" i was going to the toilet. True, i went inside, (mmm, this toilet is wonderfully clean!! i think i'll just sit down.) yes! I went in, (uh, do you actually get IT?) i sat on the [sparkling clean] tiled floors of the toilet, ofcourse in my own PRIVACY, and i took 40 winks. Um... do you actually know what 40 WINKS mean? Haha, go find out yourself, SMART PERSON! XD =P hahahahah... Oh well, that's what i did. "DESPERATE" eh? Proves my point of 'desperation', despair, and "anguish" [gosh, ANGUISH?!]. Haha, so, that's ALL for the LESSON OF THE DAY!! Goodbye, and God Bless.

PS: Uh, if you think i was "UNHHYGIENIC", (Like what NANA says...) don't worry too much for me, I'm just fine. Besides, the toilet was NICE and CLEAN and HYGIENIC. Believe me if you will, i tell the truth. Thank God such clean toilets... REALLY RIGHT?!!


Thursday, December 7, 2006

Hello' folks!!

Today today... I went to Jusco with my mum and my 2 sisters. Before i start with anything, i guess you might be guessing already that there must be [MUST BE] something that happened that made me want to record my visit to Jusco... So... Maybe i'd give you a choice, maybe you'd rather just type something out in the cbox and stop reading this... It'll probably bring [bad memories]. =) Up to you!!

So, as we were walking about the supermarket, i spotted my mum frowning at someone. Very soon, i curiously turned to see what she was frowning at. There there, i saw this old lady, a familiar face [no, not my grandma]... She was roaming about, scolding and shouting at everyone and anyone she sees across her path.

I RECOGNIZED HER; SHE WAS THE MAD OLD LADY in JUSCO. [I think that sounds pretty rude, but it ain't abit funny. So read on.]

My mum quickly hurried us off saying: "Don't stare at her, come lets go; the words she's using are such bad words." (I think that's what my mum said) I couldn't help but stare. She was a familiar face, we've seen here before in the same Jusco outlet for at least 3-4 times already. And each time, she was walking around' shouting at every passer-by she sees. Its SCARY i tell you. The mad old lady wasn't exactly "filthy" or anything, she was just... not very clean. (you see, there's a difference between FILTHY, and NOT-VERY-CLEAN. I think FILTHY definitely sounds worser than... "not-very-clean...) Have you ever [EVER] met a mad person? A person with mental illness? Its not funny you know... Its... TERRIBLE. This old women we encountered, was truly a mad person with REAL mental illness. As we left the complex, i couldn't help but wonder... wonder about her past...

Maybe she had a very bitter past?
Was she rejected, discriminated, shoo-ed out, unwanted, by her family?
And so on and so on...

I believe every normal human like me would think this way... Its sad, its sad that this mentally ill women had NO ONE TO TURN TO... Its horribly sad that she had to roam around here and there, NOT KNOWING WHERE WILL SHE GO NEXT, OR EVEN HER FINAL DESTINATION. Its scary to know that, she'd let this spirit of hatred or confusion or... [whatever, you name it] snatch her life away just like that. Do you get what i mean? Yeah, and i still can't help but think, WHEN WILL SOMEONE [JUST SOMEONE] COME UP TO HER AND HELP HER, GIVE HER HOPE, GIVE HER SHELTER... WHEN? Sighs...

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Heya people!!

Yup yup, i haven't been updating for a couple of days already... I'm "currently" in Christina Gan Yen Yen's (Nana for short... and you must be saying: Oh, now i know who "Nana" is.) house. Goodness, I've been overniting her house since last Thursday!! Haha, you might ask WHY, come ask me then. =) Anyways...

I CAN'T WAIT FOR GY CAMP 2006!!!!!!!!!!! Hurrahs!! Yipee!! Yahoo!! Yay!! Hurray!! I just can't wait! Can YOU?

Hehe... Oh well, I've been havin' a great GREAT time in Nana's house the past few days!! Thank God!! Haha, not that she's bad or anything... Gosh... =) Its just good to thank God. =P Haha... I'm currently out of words actually... that's why i'm not coming to a "straight topic". HAHAHA. Oh yes!! Tomorrow i'd be goin' to church for prayer meeting, and to meet with my GROUP LEADER to discuss some "stuff". Its GY CAMP!! Guess what's our group name? ....


Nice le... Aiyah, although the "credits" don't go to me... It was "created" by my group leader, which will be revealed to you in "time soon to come". Hahaha. Yup yup, GY Camp is gonna' be (and you're gonna' have an...):

- different this year

- be a "BLAST"!!
- a thrilling camp!
- Bombastic! (uh, if i spelled that correctly.)
- Great!!!
- Enjoyable time...

Yup yup, although i bet there's more, my mind is CURRENTLY very blank... So, i guess you'll just have to BE THERE, DO IT, FEEL IT, and then... only you'll be able to JUDGE FOR YOURSELF!! =)

And my [sincerest] apologies to those... who cannot make it for GY CAMP because of some particular reasons. I guess i made you [envious] or somethin'... Hahahaha... =P

So till then, I'd like to quote the Camp Bible verse:

"Come and follow Me, and I will make you Fishers of Men." Matthew 4:19

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