Friday, December 29, 2006

Please: I'm NOT the vainpot ok? =)

So funny lah you, Lilian!! I know, i pity you alot today.. X) Everyone keeps PESTERING you about [you liking "ahem"] Haha.. Oh my advise, is you.. uh.. i don't know what also lah.. Sorry! =P

Anyway, i'm in Denielle's house now! Haiyoh, we stayed up till about 5.30am last night!! Goodness, i was squealing and laughing like mad. I guess we went high. Though i really DON'T know the EXACT definition of: HIGH. HAHAHAHA. Then i woke up at about 1.00pm today, though i really really wanted to slumber in bed longer! Oh come on, count the hours for yourself lah! Haha, my "sincerest" apologies if you don't really get me. Haha, cause sometimes, somethings, you really just don't need/want to [get]. Haha. Oh well, Have a great weekend as we all celebrate the new year 2007!

+ Jesus Loves Us All +

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