Monday, January 1, 2007

Hallo, mah' beloved friends!!

Currently... I'm in Joyce Shamini's house. [Joyce just said: You're always telling people who's house you're in. So one day you'll say: I'm currently in the President's White House. =)]

Oh well, enough of the rubbish. =P So... Just 15 mins. ago, i was having a terrible headache [oh you know, i TEND to exaggerate!]. And now, i really don't know what i should type about. Excuses! Anyway, i'm currently, waiting for the Raj family to get moving.. To get movin' to church ofcourse.. If you weren't smart enough to guess. =) So, oh yes! Tonight after watchnight service, i'll be staying over Sis. Kim's house. Who's goin' ah? Uh, Joyce, Sarah, Cerdwin, Sherene, Me, and... Sis Kim ofcourse! You daft, fella! X) Just kiddin'.. Hehe.

Oh well, so till the next time, as you USHER year 2007 tonight, MIDNIGHT, prepare yourselves for a better... greater... funner [what?!], joyful-er, happier, merrier, godly-er [huh? true what! silly lah u!], and... and more extraordinary year!

So, God bless ya' lots mah' friend... Jesus loves you, and continue to move in His Love and Grace! Hahahaha.. =)

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