Thursday, September 28, 2006

Do You Hear?

Hello everyone!!

Read the title ^. So, do you HEAR? Well, as in LISTEN... Cause' alot of people don't "listen". You see, i've encountered many, MANY people who don't listen. I've just met someone a couple weeks ago... and this person, is just a perfect example of one who doesnt listen! I mean, i hope you're getting me, but some people just can't stop talking! It's not that its wrong to talk and be sociable... but sometimes, its really "a need" to stop talking for a while and start "listening" to what others have to say. Alot of people just talk too much, in my opinion. You know, i once had a friend, who talked ALOT. I mean its not that im saying its wrong or something, but that friend of mine just wont "allow" me to talk. So talking in his/her kinda conversation is like, not talking at all! You get what i mean? Its like he/she does all the talking. Its just being so dominant. I'm sure nobody would like to be in "that" kinda conversation. And maybe that friend of mine enjoys it alot to just talk and talk and talk. I mean, i just felt totally "out" and bored. What kinda conversation is that anyway?! But i guess alot of people start avoiding talking to he/she. Haha. Seriously. I just read an article in the papers just yesterday. It was a good one. It just inspired me about writing what you are reading today! SO LISTEN! Sometimes, alot of us don't listen. Or maybe, we DONT wanna' listen. And when we start talking, we just don't wanna' stop. Now that's pretty bad. Cause' sometimes, when your friend tries to tell you something, and you just brush it off like he/she said nothing... its quite insulting. Besides, it may be something important. And the next moment, when you turn around, you might have just LOST a good friend. Well, i bet its not worth it. Sometimes, its just kinda unnecesarry to loose a friend just like that. Just because YOU didn't take the initiative to just listen for a moment. It makes a big BIG difference just in case you didn't know. And one more thing: Do you know that "listening", is actually a GIFT you can give others? Oh well, maybe you didn't know. But i've just discovered, it really is a gift you can give others just by listening! It may sound silly, but think about it. If you just continue blabbering on and on about yourself, you might probably end up without any 'good' friends in the end. Seriously. Haha. Hope you DID get my message. But i really thought it was a good one. So start lookin' out, try listening someday soon, and you'll discover it really DOES make a difference! =) Hahaz...

So have a splendid, awesome, hillarious, memorable, fun, enjoyable, happy, wonderful, fantastic....GREAT day!!!! smiles* Hahaz... Tata 4 now!!

HURRAH! ahahaha...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

another picture...

Gah, i know, its VERY blurr, SO guess who's in the picture lah! Thanks to the photographer (well, i shall not want to expose whoever it is =D) whose hands should have been described as "very shaky". Hahaha... Haiyah, at least i had a camera, cause' nobody else had... =)

What a GREAT day! Sunday...

Hey everyone!

Well you guessed it, i'll be writing about last Sunday. It was a really FUN day i can tell you in advance! Haha... Seriously. So read on!!

Well, first, i had to wake up at 7.30 in the mornin'!!! GAH!! Especially when on that Sunday mornin', the sky was dark and cloudy... it was drizzling a lil' outside... and, it was a PERFECT day for MORE SLEEP! Haiyah, but too bad lah, I had to wake up and go to church. I was supposed to sing for Youth Sunday. And oh yeah, i was in Joyce's house that day... overnited her house on Saturday after youth service. So anyway, i managed to arrive in church early... Good thing. But i was quite perfectly blurr that morning... well after all, sleeping in Joyce's house meant = Sleeping LATE! =P Haha. The Praise & Worship that Sunday turned out great, but i wasn't really listening to the preaching later on, though. Hehe. I just HAD to admit it. I seriously felt like dozing off... So are you "into the mood" of my boring story right now? Haha. Sorry la... i just can't describe it as lively, and as vibrantly today... dunno' why lah. Hehe. So anyway...

After service, i had to rush to fellowship hall to start my skit practice. It was the SKIT for our Selangor 1# Royal Rangers 24th Anniversary! The ADVENTURE Rangers skit. Haha. Well, i think that was our 2nd and LAST practice... BUT, i just knew we would do it well. Still, i prayed very hard ok? =P Seriously, i did. Haha. Even though we really screwed up the week before... Anyway, some of the main actors went missing, so i had to make do with it, and we continued our practice. Just a VERY short one. And finally the time came...

At 2.00 o clock, the service started. We all received our awards and stuff, AND my PATROL, the "Hee Hee HYENAS" got the BEST PATROL award! Yipee! Heeheehee... BUT the part we were awaiting, OUR SKIT, was yet to come... GAH, finally, it was our turn! I was the narrator of the skit though... well, THANK GOD the skit turned out AWESOME!! Haha. Everyone did so WELL i tell you!! Thank you all for being such FUN actors, and for being SO SPORTING throughout this whole "ordeal"... GREAT JOB people!! wink* Seriously, i really thank God for this whole skit. Thank God it turned out so good! Even though we only had like 2 practices and all, everyone acted "spontaneously", and the skit was so FUNNY! Hahaha. And in the end, we even had a short memory verse from 1 John 4:4 (go check it out yourself lah!) Well, too bad thats the end of this year's rangers, but we're all awaiting for the next new year... and its gonna' be an EXCITING YEAR ahead!! =) Can't wait. Hahaz... So that's all... well there's actually MORE to it. But i lazy to tell everything lah... only those who were there would have witnessed everything! Haha... So till the next time, TATA and Farewell!! heehee...


This pic is so DARK and BLURR. Haha. But its okay, as long as we took a picture! It was on the day of the Selangor #1 Royal Rangers Anniversary. Haiyah, although not everyone of the members were present... But anyways, read on! I'll be writing about the anniversary...! =)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Haha... How 'childish' of us!

Hello people!! =) smiles*

Well, i havent been going online for nearly 4 days already... Haha. On Thursday, me and my sisters went to my aunt's house. I had 2 younger cousins there. Haha, and we planned to overnight till Friday. How fun it was! Even though they were all younger... i seriouslty DIDNT fell bored or left out at all! We were all SO hyper la i tell you! Haha. And oh yeah, the cool thing was, WE were ALL HOMESCHOOLED!! Haha. =) So for nearly the whole day, we were playing and playing and more PLAYING! It's so nice to just "play". Haha. Envy us. =P The thing is, i cant quite believe that i tagged along with all their silly games. Welll.... it actually ain't silly at all... like i just said, it IS fun to play! Haha. Can you imagine the childishness? Well, i guess not. Coz' maybe i seldom act the way i do with all of you who are reading this, than i do at home and with my cousins! "My 'younger' cousins. The rather "sad" thing is, my cousins my AGE no longer "play" along with us... But oh well, i was actually quite well off playing war games and buiding blocks and stuff. It really IS nice. Have you ever looked at yourself, and thought you were still a kid or somethin'? Well, the thing is, most of my friends my age think they're too "old" for "kiddy" stuff like that! How hillarious! XD Seroiusly, i think it is hillarious. But I REALLY HATE the part when people make remarks like : "Haiyo, aren't you too "old" for that? Look at your other cousins, they no longer play along with the "younger" ones." Goodness! How boring can it get?! I guess i'd always be very well off "playing" once in a while. smiles* After all, you're "only young once"... Haha. So ya' all got wot i was trying to imply today? Hope so. Haha... Oh come on! sighs. It really is fun! No kidding! So PLS just stop sitting around (oh how boring, i'm sure you know better than i do!) la... Haha. I dare to write this, cause' i know alot of people who're like that! Hahahaha... Hope you're not one of em'! wink* ;)

So till the next time, so long and farewell my beloved friends! =P Ahahaha...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Some irritating people...

Hello my wonderful friends!! smile* =)

Read the title... and expect something now. You know, some people are just too irritating for their own good. Yeesh. Have you ever been through a situation when things are already VERY bad [enough]? And then, there comes along some "silly" (i'm trying to put it as politely as possible =D) people who say things that are SO discouraging... that it makes everything worser by the... don't know how many times more?!! That's precisely what i'm talking about now! Why must there always be these "silly" people trying to ruin things even more, when its already bad enough huh? Oh, but i'm all fine yeah, my dear friends... No probs for me. Haha. I'm just making an... erm... "awareness". Hmm... yeah, nice way to put it. =) Seriously, we really have to be aware of such people. They are EXTREMELY dangerous if you didn't know...

Anyway, i shall continue then... So, why must they say such things? Maybe it's a case of these people being too busy bodied for their own good. Maybe they're trying to be nice to help, but sometimes, it may be too annoying after all. The thing is, i've come across these kind of people just recently... And to think that i thought he was my friend. The worst part is he "pulled out" of what he was supposed to do (its a sketch) for the silliest reason in the whole wide world!! Gah! How pathetic... Its extremely hillarious, but VERY discouraging also. Well, as it is, we already did very badly after our much lack of practice... must he just "p
ull out" of it for some silly reason? Blah... how ridiculous. Haha... Sorry, i think you most probably would'nt know who i'm talking about, but you need NOT know anyway. It's just NOT worth your time. So, let me continue. And as if it weren't BAD enough, (after all, it caused a pretty good amount of inconvenience) he decided to add even more to the misery by telling me that we should'nt have made a "fool out ourselves"! He talks as if he's some kind of adult or something, and even worse, he's only as young as all of us were! (Can you possibly believe it?! Our skit was so good! Everyone were SO sporting except for him! And he can actually still have the voice to tell me that we should'nt make a fool out of ourselves?! It's just that we did'nt have practice, and only we had some errors...) How terribly irritating. It really made me so discouraged you know. But THANK GOD, i managed to think it through. I thought: Why in the world should i be "affected" by such "silly" people huh? In the first place, every comment he made was wrong. And to think that he hardly even contributed to our work. Sighs. Pity such people. Haha... I'm still grinning from ear to ear as i'm writing this. Cause' at least, i'm creating an... erm... "awareness" out of it. wink* Haha. Its so hillarious lah! XD

So anyway, BEWARE of such people... they ARE extremely DANGEROUS. =) So till the next time, rock on for Jesus yeah!! Hehe..

Hype Concert

Hype concert, was held in Harvest Community Church on the 2nd of September. (Ah' bought the Tee) AWESOME! Ah, this is another LATE update. (Forgot about it... Haha.)

Someone's Birthday...




Haha... Sorry le... today is NOT the actual birthdate. The actual birthdate... was yesterday! Haha. Well, at least i wished you yesterday... So, this ^ is only for those who DID'NT know it was Shannon's birthday on the 18th of September!! Hehe. Cheers!! May God bless YOU TONS! =P

Someone's Birthday...




Haha... Sorry le... actually, the actual birthdate is on the 18th September. =P Oh anyway, i already wished you yesterday, this is just for THOSE who DID'NT know it was her birthday. Haha... God Bless You TONS yeah!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Phew! What a long long day...

Hey people!!

Phew! Had a very very long day today... haha. I had to go to church early at 10.00am (was singing for youth church service, so had practice.) , even though, i lived so far away... i still reached church 10mins earlier! Haha. And then i had to join my fellow rangers to finish up some merits cause' rangers anniversary is coming!! (Its on the 24th of September) It was SO RUSH today!!
I managed to finish up my lashing merit, which was TERRIBLE (i have to admit, VERY truthful. =P)...Hehe. We were supposed to do a so-called "TABLE" for lashing merit... and it was HORRIBLE looking. Haha. It could barely stand!! Yeah, that was how bad it was. The worst "table" i've ever seen in my life!! Seriously... Haha. XD Anyway, i didnt even manage to get my lunch cause' it was soooo rush... Stomach was empty, but thank God i still had the energy to sing! To my friends who knew, you knew. Haha. No need to explain lah. Youth service was AWESOME today!! The guy from Altered Frequency, Andy Yeoh came to preach and we had a really good time. Though some of my friends didn't come!! Haha... And then, i had GYC (Grace Youth Church) Newsletter meeting. It took so long! Coz' God was good!! Haha. We had lots to share, and plenty of ideas started pourin' out. Um also, to those who attend our youth church, you could send in your poems, testimonies, stories, etc. to Shannon at:

Alright, i really got 2 go now... So till the next time, TATA!! Haha, I think you might be quite tired of the TATA's already. So Toodles!! =P

Thursday, September 14, 2006

There are just so many!!


How time flies!! It's already been like a year and a-half since i joined Grace Assembly church... And i've just been wondering: "How many awesome people have i met during this past year and a-half??


And ofcourse, i can hardly name all of you... but i seriously want to appreciate those who have been a REAL blessing to me. A lot of stuff happened this past year ( seriously ALOT, both good and bad... but God was with me throughout. Good thing!! =D), and I had the opportunity to do alot of stuff i havent done before... pretty challenging at times, but God has been really VERY good. I've also been more involved in my youth church, and its really been growing ever sinced i joined last year!! Thank God. Now we have a pretty good lot of new people, quite a couple of them are from non-Christian families.. and its really SO good to see them so passionate about joinin youth and learning more about God. Haha. Im serious ok? Its not like, im just trying to make things sound nice and stuff... but it really IS true. Hehe. Things have been changing, and I seriously think its all in God right timing. I mean, come on! (To those of you who know... where i live...smiles. Just read on.) its CERTAINLY not by chance i came to Grace Klang and met all the people ive met... Coz' to those of you who know me, i live like 1 hour away from church!! Haha... Big joke... so its precisely what i'm saying! Not by chance, BUT for a purpose. Hope you got it. Hehe. Smiles* Anyway, thank you guys for making me welcome, in a way, like... you know... haha. Well, if you KNOW me, then you'll know what. wink* Hehe... So anyway, hope to chat up with all of you soon yeah!! ;) Tata for now!!

my glowing hand...

My hand is GLOWING!! Ahh... swts. This is just some weird picture. =P

Oi! Today My's Birthday!!

Where's my cake?!

My presents?

My birthday wishes?! argh...

(note: this message is for those who "didn't" remember! =P)

But at least, some people still remember, so, Thank God for YOU!! wink*

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Look!! Haha. This was a gift from dear Rou Shinq and her sister, Emily. I really wanna' tell you two... that its sooooooooo CUTE! Thanks alot yeah?! Its just a simple gift, but i really like it (though it doesn't look as nice and cute in the picture!!) Hehe. Thanks anyway...;)

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

My dad and mum is Phuket, Thailand... =) sweet!

Recognize that?! Haha... Me and Joyce with Doulos in the background. Yeesh, too bad there are some silly people at the back!

Arggh... =) still smiling

haha.. well, had a pretty "okay" day today... and i had not been able to use my cellphone. Due to my carelessness, i left my battery charger at my friend's house! haa... =(

Anyway, i just remembered. This is pretty weird. You know, before i went for my Pow Wow camp, my mum specially bought a "brand new" (note that) torchlight for me. So anyway, it worked well BEFORE the camp. On the first night in the camp, i thought using the torch light would help. So i took it out... pushed up the button, and TADA! No light. hmm... maybe i'll try to re-put (haha... where did i get that word from?) the batteries. Still... No light out of my torch-light. And i went "Yeeshh". To plus it all up, this happened to me THRICE (THREE TIMES!) already!! And all of it happened in Rangers camps!! Is it what they call "jinxed" or what?! =) haha... but, seriously. Though i know I shouldn't be putting it as "jinxed". =D Anndd... NOW this is REALLY the weirdest part of my whole story... when i came back, the torchlight WORKED again!! So terribly WEIRD right? and i went like... "what?!" haha... seriously. I got kinda... hmm... how do i put it? "freaked out?". haha. Hey, but remember, all the torchlights were "brand new" ones... and they all didnt work. Sighs... So anyway, i ended up using my friend's (Nana, thank God for YOU! =P) extra batteries. "Yeessshhh!"

Sunday, September 3, 2006



Well, yeah... discrimination. I wonder if its a familiar word to you? Coz' it is to me... Many people face discrimination nowadays. Fortunately, I most probably haven't... But i know a pretty fair bit of people who had been through this terrible experience of being left out, or even rejected. Terrible? Yes! It is a dreadful thing to be rejected... especially if you're rejected by your own kind. It can be very hurting you know. But the worst part is, no one really cares or bothers how the person being criticized or teased feels. Alot of people are just too worried about their own life, they hardly have time to think about and love others... their friends, family, schoolmates...etc. I also know alot of these *people*. Many of them are in the so-called "popular" gang. I mean, who cares whether they're popular or not?! But well, i guess alot of people do... and thats a pretty sad thing. I see alot of people my age, trying to "fit in" into the *popular* gang... by doing all kinds of silly stuff. Some things they do even get them into trouble. And thats really very saddening. Coz' all of us, are God's special and UNIQUE* creation! Remember that!! So i wonder why so many people, adults and kids alike, are trying to be what they are NOT. Well, im sure you've heard this ALOT of times already, but i hope that this will really make an impact right NOW as you read. SO Think about it as you read... is it worth it? to sometimes sacrifice so much so that you can be accepted by some silly brats who don't even bother much about you? and in the end... well, i'll leave it to YOU to finish it. But, its all your choice. Nobody is to be put to blame in the end. Remember, God gave you the will to choose. So CHOOSE the RIGHT things in life. Don't waste half of it doing unnecesary stuff that won't help others, and mostly YOURSELF! And back to "discrimination"... I bet no one wants to be discriminated for whatever reason. Everyone wants to be accepted. And im here to tell you that: "Only TRUE friends will accept you as WHO you ARE!" People who "allow" you to be their friends... are real SILLY people. haha. i bet you're smart enough to get what i meant yeah? ;) Hey, remember, its TRUE FRIENDS. I know quite a number of people who discriminate others. And seriously, ALOT of people get affected by them... and these rejected people stop doing the things they used to do. They leave the places they once enjoyed going to ( and these are good places by the way =D ) and avoid the people who once discriminated or rejected them. Its bad right? Yes! its plain HORRiBLE. Sometimes i really don't understand why people do things like that. They hurt others so much and still they're so *good*. Seriously, they still think they're such *good* people. Pity them though... they don't realize that they're shoo-ing really NICE people away and out of they're lives. Sad eh? but well, its best that you worry about people who WANT to be YOUR FRIENDS and those who accept you as WHO YOU ARE than what other silly people think of you first yeah?! ok good then. haha. mm.. that was long! hope you read it CLEARLY and got what i was trying to say... =) hehe. so till the next article, TATA!! And God bless you tons! =D

Read on!

Heya People!Gosh.. i had such a boring day today. Erm by the way, sorry for the late update... coz' i edited it later...Haha. Nvermind if you didn't get what i meant! so lets continue...My parents went to Phuket last wednesday (on the 26th of aug.)and they'll be back tonight(28th aug.)... well, currently i'm staying in an aunt's house. So thats why... It's so boring! XD anyway, i'd like to add to my story on the Pow Wow camp now. So read on!Well, maybe the camp wasn't that bad la... but the best part of it were the Night Rallies!! it was so GOOD and totally AWESOME i can tell you! God's presence was amongst us as we worshipped and sang songs... and i actually didn't expect it to be that good! So i really thank God for refreshing us all during this camp... i guess it made alot of difference for some of my friends. And guess wat?! Me and my tent mates could have really, REALLY "qualified" for Tiger Court! But too bad (thank God) we didn't hv enough time for Tiger Court. Well, the reason why i said we were all good enough to qualify for Tiger Court was because... me and my tent mates (all 8 of us) woke up so late one morning and the worst part was that nearly all the commanders knew about it. Plus, on the last night, we came down to the canteen the LATEST and there were no more food for us to eat. And we all kena some lecturing la... hehe. BUT, this time, we did something good ok? so thats why we were late... hehe. Well, overall, the camp was pretty fun la. Mainly because my tent mates were CRAZY people, so i had lots of fun BEING crazy myself. Haha. Call me>? CRAZY! Haha... seriously. But i guess alot of people haven't seen my maddening* side... so you wouldn't get what i mean by crazy*. hehe. =P soo... HAPPY READING! i'll post something else now.. =)

2nd Central District Pow Wow

Phew! I just came back from the 2nd Central District Pow Wow Camp on the 26th, Saturday... And it was tons of fun man! Even though it was quite tiring.. well, thats usual i guess. It was a 4 day camp in Dusun Eco Resort, if i got it right... We arrived at lunch time on Wednesday and we were to stay in tents.. the weather was real HOT and the tents were dusty and stuffy. Haha.. so anyway, we did lots of activities during this camp. It was real fun but i guess it could have been better.. There were about 250 campers altogether... we were all divided into 4 groups: Brazil, England, Italy, and Holland. My group was Brazil.. and guess wot?! We got the LAST place in the end of the camp... haha. But i guess it was expected lah... I managed to do the Flying Fox, Rakit Building, erm... Obstacle Course, and lots more la.. On the last night Sel #1 totally ROCKED the place man! haha. We were making so much noise and havoc with kettles and bottles and stuff. haha... well, there were ALOT of silly stories about the toilets.. Goodness! You wouldn't believe how TERRIBLE the toilets are! Seriously... its plain horrible. Haha. Well, i guess thats camp life.=P anyway, i'd really like to mention some people who really made the camp SO funny and VERY funny. Haha.,, seriously. So its: Nana a.k.a Christina Gan Yen Yen (it should have been the other way round =P), Gabby the mad laughing girl, Joyce, Vyonne (missy = messy) haha, Renee, Theola, Sherwyn, Pauline, Lee She Rin, Sarah, Samantha, and Aisha. They are all such fun people la... without them the camp would have been SO boring i tell you. ahaha. Well, thanks for being my tent mates too. We made so much noise, COULD have qualified for Tiger Court because we slept so late (eheh), and erm... told lots of stories. haha. But actually, during this camp, alot of people got sick! seriously, maybe its got something to do with the place... yeesh. XD But true what! thank God none of my tent mates got sick. haha. God is Goooood... =D Well, i've got lots to tell actually... i'll post another one the next day. i wanna' sleep now. hehe. Kk... till the next time.. TATA 4 NOW!! =D

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