About Janielle

An avid reader + writer + d r e a m e r + photographer + s e e k e r + musician. 

I can't live without my God, my family, my close friends, my piano.  

I loveeee making music :)

If I had loads of money in the bank, I won't save them for retirement. I'll travel the world! 
I'm passionate about people, the arts, teaching music and psychology. 

Other things that spice up my life are shopping, film music, sunny days, jazz, inspirational films, biographies and desserts :) 

I'm currently studying my Bachelor of Music Performance at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and loving it! :)


More if you'd like... 

My life revolves around music. I cannot imagine wasting my time on anything else! I'm currently at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School (VCASS) on scholarship and focusing on the piano. It has been a crazy and hectic time mingling among such unbelievably talented kids! And I thank God for giving me the opportunity to spend my last two years of high school in such an incredible place!

I have an unquenchable thirst for adventure and exploring nature. One of the best things I’ve done is getting certified to scuba dive by my dad, and discovering a whole new world in the ocean. I love traveling and going on road trips with my awesome family. Coming to Australia has given us endless opportunities! Photography is also what I love doing and can spend hours on.

All this aside, the one thing that probably keeps me going is literature. My parents have instilled in me a love for reading and I started to enjoy writing some 5 years back. Without the right books, my life would be so very miserable! The books that interest me most are inspirational autobiographies. Nothing captures me more than knowing that what I’m reading has really happened to a real person who lived, struggled, persevered and emerged to tell a remarkable story.

After discovering the joy and indispensable gifts of reading, the only natural thing to do next was to write. I don’t know what will become of me if I didn’t write. It gives me a chance to pause and reflect on things. Writing has enabled me to find God in the process as I express myself in unspoken words. I hope my stories and writings inspire and encourage others. I will write and keep writing and making music and trusting God to the end of my days.

Carpe diem,

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