Here are some of the sites I enjoy checking out and I think would be worth your time, too. =)

The Song Room

Through this non-profit organization, I volunteer teaching piano and music at a disadvantaged primary school where the majority of students are from Sudanese refugee families living in the area. I have gained invaluable insight into the lives of those who have much less opportunities than I do, and I have learned so much from teaching music at the school. The kids are amazing, and I absolutely love making music with them! :)

Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy

A world forum on music therapy and everything else related to the field of work and study by accredited music therapists the world over.

Paulo Coelho's Blog

A renowned Brazilian writer of inspirational parable-like short stories and thought-provoking novels.

Piano Society

Snippets of useful information on composers and free Classical music recordings.

SoundtrackNet: The Art of Film Music

An awesome site on movie soundtracks - with some extremely useful and detailed analysis and introductions to films and music soundtracks of films.


An interesting web mag on God. Life. and Progressive Culture.

Prophecy News Watch

An intriguing site with insightful articles relating today's world events to Biblical prophecy.

The Visitors