Monday, October 4, 2010

The Land of Sunny Days & Endless Beaches =D

We went on a long, long road trip this Spring! =) (Yes, finally winter is over!) All five of us packed into the car early in the morning and drove 10 hours – yup, TEN HOURS – towards New South Wales for the first time. I was so looking forward to this break for three reasons:

  1. I was gonna’ get out of the cold Melbourne winter! Technically, come September its Spring, but for some sorry reason, the days are still wet and cold.

  1. I was gonna’ get a break from all the intense school work, practice and waking up on cold early mornings.

  1. We were going for another family adventure to the land of sunny days and endless beaches! =D =D =D

True enough, we got such a good, sunny break. It was sooo good compared to Melbourne’s unpredictable weather: it was almost a sunny day EVERY DAY!!! =D =D =D On the down side, as always when it comes to travelling in a car with 2 squawky sisters for 10 long, agonizing hours – yes I’m exaggerating – there were plenty of “hearty” squabbles throughout the trip. But hey, what’s a family without a wee bit of conflict, eh? =)

Anyway, there were plenty of “up” sides that made our first long Australian road trip a great adventure. We explored various beaches along the South Coast and Batemans Bay. We even made a further 2 hour trip to Canberra, the capital city of Australia, for our first time. It was simply the best to be able to go to the beach everyday! At Mossy Point and Broulee we climbed up and over rock formations along the coast and watched for whales. Amazingly, we actually managed to spot a whale and its calf as we were clambering along the rocks. It came so close! We never thought we had a chance to spot one so close to the bay. The surfers were right beside them!

Ever the photographer and the one trailing behind the rest because I kept stopping, I took a good many photos during this trip. I was ecstatic that it was sunny nearly everyday!!! All winter I’ve been waiting for spring to come. Talking about winter, I must say that I’m so thankful to God we made it through winter this year “without a scratch”. It’s been so much better compared to our first winter in 2009, stuck in that cold, old house. We’ve been so much more comfortable and warm with electric blankets and a better insulated home. Haha, I sound like a spoiled brat, but since we came from hot and humid M’sia, it’s no wonder I find the unpredictable winter only as warm as Antarctica can get!

Anyway, thank God for another great family trip exploring another new part of Australia! It’s like we’re in forever-and-endless-holiday-land. I find it funny how some of my friends who’ve been living here all their life haven’t bothered to travel to other parts. I guess you take it for granted if you’ve been born here. But for us one and a half year newcomers, this country is a holiday and adventure haven! Hopefully by the time of our fifth year, we would have covered all the major parts of Australia, including Tasmania.

Here are the photos we accumulated throughout the holiday. My irreplaceable Dad & Mum with me and my quirky sisters Janna & Jirene, the beaches and rocks, the sunny blue skies, flowers, whales and what-not in our memorable moments! =)

For the next month, its time to get serious with work and practice with all the exams and performances coming up!!! Will be back in the summer holidays soon!!! =)

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