Sunday, September 30, 2007

Selangor #7 Anniversary (30/09/07)

Heyo peeps!

Man, I’ve got pictures coming up again. =P Haha. I have to post them cause’ everyone wants to see the pictures. =D My dad and Zoe Lim took half of the pictures I’ll be posting here. =)

Whoopee doo! Today, our Selangor #7 outpost (Royal Rangers, Grace Assembly PJ) celebrated their NINETEENTH anniversary! I’ve got a few things to cheer about before I start with the pictures.

- I’ve finally got my BMA (Bronze Medal Achievement award)! After all the delaying last year… =)

- The Cookarama champion was announced! Unfortunately, the Adventure Girls didn’t win this year. =’( But still, I’ll cheer for the Discovery Rangers, who won the 1st runner’s up. And for the Expedition Rangers – they were this year’s Cookarama champions! (I looooveee the dumplings they made!)

- The Bible Quiz champions were also announced (Adventure Boys VS Adventure Girls)! Guess what? The girls’ team won this time! For the first time in ages, we “broke the tradition” of the guys winning in every round of Bible Quiz! =P Hehe. Yipee yay! And for the theory quiz, I won 1st runner’s up. Well Chris Tan was the rightful champion, I guess… ;)

- Best Ranger of the year (Adventure Rangers): Christopher Tan, and 1st runner up, Kedric. For Expedition: Diane Chew and 1st runner up, Lee Yu Tjin.

- The Adventure Girls presentation went well!
Oh I thank God so much. Haha. I had fun practicing with my team of brilliant actors, even though it was quite messy and out of place at first. Phew, thank God it went pretty smoothly. =D

And now, for the long list of pictures. xD I wanted to post it as quickly as possible. So here goes. Have fun!

Cmdrs: Brian, Jeff Goh, and Jeff Yong.

Monkeying around.

The Emcees

Discovery Kids

Oh look who's posing.

Adventure Girls

Ranger Kids Presentation

Cmdr Terence
Richard! A.k.a Cmdr Sarah Lim =D

Discovery Rangers' Presentation

Cmdr Denise

Adventure Girls Presentation


Adventure Boys Presentation

Josh, the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" host.

Expedition Rangers Presentation
Four Piggies

I find this pose so cute. Ahahahaha!

Cmdr Wei Sern. Aha.

Receiving MY award

Fuiyoh, the "loudspeaker" and "cheerleader without pom poms". Hahaha.

Ashley, Janna, and Debbie

Jirene and I-forgot-who. xD

From right: Adrienne, Grace, Zoe, Abby Chung, Amanda J, Anu, Andrea, Me, Abby J, Deb, Janice, Nicole, Amanda, and Shin Yiing.

Adventure Girls with Cmdrs: Esther, Rosanne, and Jackie.

The picture spoiler. Ish, why do they always do that?! Haha.

Our beloved Commanders. =)
The End.
*screams* God is good!

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