Tuesday, October 31, 2006

- Continuation...

Greetings my friends!

I know i know i know!! I am so so SO sorry to have stopped at the word : Maze Park! Yes, i know, it was certainly very very "RUDE" of me. =P Haha. Did you know why? Just as i was about to type the word, i heard a voice calling me: "Janielle! The bus is here!!" And i went like, "Oh..." Haha. That was obviously my dad lah... Its rather exciting isn't it? Or maybe not. Haha. But yeah, we were to take a bus to Mt. Hallasan. So i had to quickly click the button and go. Haha. Silly lah... Anyway, i just came back from mt. Hallasan! It was wonderful! i can't say much, because i'm usin' a public computer again! Haha. But when i come back with the pictures, i can slowly take my time to explain everything!! That'll be fantastic! =D

So, how are you all doin ' back in Malaysia?

Oh yes, i better continue with the outline:

- So we went to the MAZE PARK on Sunday, as you probably know, Mazes are puzzles right? No? (haha) Yup, as you are VERY SMART enough to guess, the park was a real live maze! Wonderful isn't it? Yes! We all took turns getting lost in the maze, and we had to shout and scream and yell, and... um... haiyah! You know, do all the stuff you do when you're lost! But it was definitely fun i can tell you! Haha. Giant maze... Goodness, by the time i come back, i also don't know how many pic we'll have! But that's good... =)

- Did you know that when we were waiting in the 24 hr restaurant last friday morning at 5 am [read the last post], we actually saw and ATE LIVE OCTOPUS! And if you didn't know, live octopus' emit some slimy stuff and it squirms and squiggles as you chew it in your mouth? Ew, its like eating worms lah... but ofcourse, it ain't as gross! XD Haha. Eh, but it was quite an experience leh... Coz' at 5 am in the mornin', what would you expect? Haha. I'll tell you more when i come back.. have to take another shuttle bus back now. So till the next time, tata and take care!!


Hellooooooo!! Ah, my beloved friends!!! Oh, i know lah... I guess i've been away for quite some time eh? I can't type much... Using a public computer! Haha. Anyway, its been good here. I've got lots to say actually, but i've got to go soon! We'll be taking a bus to the famous Mt.Hallasan (its a volcanic mountain! but extinct already lah... :P). Hope we'll be able to treck to the peak! Anyway, i think i'll just outline what we did for the past weeks now...

- We climbed, or rather, CONQUERED Mt. Seoraksan in Sokcho city last Wednesday. The most, or one of the most famous mountains in South Korea!! Lots to say about it when i come back!! =D

- We travelled to Jeju ISLAND by BUS & FERRY... WHICH TOOK US:







- Visited the longest LAVA TUBE IN THE WHOLE WORLD on Sunday, the Manjangul lava tube. Went to the MaZE park

Monday, October 23, 2006


Hey people...

I'm in KOREA now!!

Haiyo, its Autumn here, but too bad the leaves haven't changed color yet... Anyway, I haven't got much to say actually. Haha. Yeah... Its been raining here... Very cloudy. Haha. What a dissapointment!! We're actually in Sokcho city now. Arrived last Friday in Seoul, and we took the express bus [4 hours ride] down here. On this Friday, we'll be flyin' to Jeju island. Yeah, there's not much to describe now!! Haha. The colors haven't changed yet! And oh ya, the currency here is times 4. Goodness, our Malaysian money is so small!! So all the things here are SO EXPENSIVE i can tell you. Haha. We come here, we become like poor people already. Seriously. Sighs. Haha. But i just can't wait to bring back the pictures!! They're awesome!! Hehe. So anyway, till the next time, TATA...


And oh ya, please do excuse the chat boxes. They were an ERROR. Hehe. Because all the words here are in Korean... So i have to 'guess' my way. Must have clicked the wrong button. So have a good day!! =D

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Greetings everyone!!


Phew... Goodness, it IS cold here. I'm wearing 4 layers now. Anyway, it was a great day yesterday!! We managed to visit the Badaling Great Wall of China. It was totally packed with people ler!! As you probably know, the Great Wall of China is also very famous for the [long-ness] of it... So, you could possibly conclude that there are obviously, many MANY parts of it. And the Badaling [part] is the 1 we shouldn't have actually went to. Haha. We GOT CHEATED, by the TAXI DRIVER. Big cheat. Ugh... [grimaces in disgust ;c] Haha. Yeah, we actually wanted to go to another PART of the Great Wall, but since we didn't know the way... we got cheated. So the taxi driver either didn't want to go to the other nicer part... or he didn't know the way. But the plus point is, he CHEATED US! Really, he did. Sighs. I guess when you're in a foreign country, you win some, you lose some. =) Well, at least we made it to the Great Wall. Haiyo, as you probably know what's coming up...
we had to walk and walk and walk and... oh, in order not to bore you with the [walk], i shall also add in, the hike and climb and climb and hike and... ENOUGH is it? Alright then. =P
So, i could tell you, the temperature was below 10. Eh, if you didn't know, that pretty low ok? Haha. Its [nearly] like a refrigerator already. Hehe. But the view was awesome i tell you. The strong winds blew hard and thank God the sun ALSO shone very glaringly... otherwise we could have freezed. Seriously, my fingers were NUMB. So we obviously bought gloves. Haha. Oh well, after that we took the last bus back to Beijing city. And that's not all there is! We still had to take the subway, to another station, and take another bus back. Eh, still not the END. We still had to walk back to our hostel! Gah. No wonder people say kids SHOULD NOT go to China. Ah, but WE proved them WRONG. Haha. Anyway, i'll be goin' to KOREA tomorrow... And who knows whether there'll be any FREE internet service there. Haiyoh... Oh well... I hope to come online tonight to post some pictures though. Hehe... HOPE to come. So, till the next time... So long & Farewell, my beloved friends!! Oh, i wonder what expression you are putting on now as you're reading this? Hehe. Tata & God Bless!! =D

Stay joyful ( what kind of ending is that? i wonder...) ,

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

.Summer Palace.

Hey everyone!!! Wow, i tell you it's AWESOME HERE!!

Haha... Yeah. The temperature last night was 7 degrees!! Goodness. Quite cold lah... So, read the title. Yesterday, we went to the Summer Palace. "Oh" you might say, "another of those palaces." NoNONO!! I tell you, it was HUGE. As you can read, the name of this palace, is SUMMER Palace. So this place was built, for the emperor, as a VACATION HOME. And guess what? Its HUGE. I have nothing else to describe it lah.. Too bad i can't download any pictures. But we took SOOOOOO MANY pictures!!! And some more, its only the 2nd day of our trip here!! The view was awesome i tell you. Simply BREATH-TAKING, SPLENDID, FANTASTIC, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, WONDERFUL, GREAT, AND ALL THE "GREAT" WORDS YOU CAN THINK OF!! Yup... It was huge i tell you. We travelled about 2 hours by BUS to reach the palace!! And guess what? Before this trip, i've only ridden a BUS, ONCE! Haha. And this time i had to ride it for so long. Today wherever we will be going, we will be taking bus also. Its cheaper than taxi lo. And since we went without a tour guide, we had to go around asking for directions and stuff. Sounds pretty easy? NO! You might have thought: "Oh, easy lah. Anyone also can ask for directions. Mandarin veli easy to speak only mah." Wah i tell you, you're VERY WRONG! Yes! I'm serious. Even if you go to mandarin school and stuff like that, when you come here, its just different. Their slang is different. You speak mandarin here, they don't understand. They speak mandarin here, you WON'T understand! +P
Silly lah i tell you.So its pretty hard. But thank God, we're ADVENTUROUS people mah. Really what! XD Haha. And when my dad wanted to order beef noodles, he had to play "CHARADES" (i hope that's the correct way to spell it, or maybe, if i suspected correctly... you don't even know what CHARADES is! =P) also. Haha. LONG STORY. I'll hope to tell you all what happen here when we come back! Hehe. So, back to the Summer Palace. Haiyo, its so hard to describe it to you la. Anyway, like i said in the last post, we walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked AND WALKED AND WALKED AND WALKED AND WALKED AND WALKED!!!! I could type a whole page of this, because wherever we went, we had to walk and walk and walk and walk and walk and walk and walk and walk and walk! So, are you quite tired of reading it already? I bet you are! You see, i suspected it AGAIN! =P Haha. So you can imagine lah, now you READING also so "tired" already... IMAGINE REALLY DOING IT! Gah, maybe its unimaginable. Haha. But obviously, everything was totally worth it la. But its unbelievable la. Last time the stupid emperors all ah. Terrible le. The place is so huge. There are so many spots to look at. The place i like most was the Tower if Buddhist Incense. Um, yeah, it doesn't sound very appealing. I know. BUT TRUST ME, ITS INCREDULOUS! Yup. Haha. Its like some pagoda lah. I can't explain la. Its too much. Haha. And the view from above is ABSOLUTELY, BREATH TAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, i loved it man. Simply awesome! Haha. Aiyo, i wish i could write more, but i've got to go now! I dunno' where we goin' today, but... Ah yu know what's coming? Walk and walk and walk and... Oh alright! Sighs. I did'nt wish to bother/tire you! XD Anyway, till the next post... Have a fine day, andm Jesus Loves... US ALL! +P


Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Monday, 15th October. Arrived Beijing at SUNRISE.

Hello everyone!! Yeah Lillian, I'm in Beijing now. Haha. I didn't see you on Sunday la... So i didn't get to say: TATA!! Smiles. Anyway, it was a very tiring day yesterday. Haha. Seriously. We went to the FORBIDDEN CITY [i'll show you all the pictures when i'm back!] and we walked and walked and walked and WALKED AND WALKED. Gah! So tiring.And remember in the previous post, i wrote and said that i'll be goin' to sleep? I DIDN'T!! Well, dunno la... Suddenly we all so semangat. Haha. Actually, after my post, we went out for lunch. By the way, we're staying in New Dragon HOSTEL. Yup. Not some fancy hotel la. This hostel here, usually caters for those foreigners who are here as BACKPACKERS. So it's really cheap for them. Anyway, we're here just to sleep only lah...i meant, in the hostel. =P So, back to walking! Yeah, we are not following any tour on our whole trip here. Yupz. So adventurous le! Haha. Really what. Yesterday, we went "hunting" for the FORBIDDEN CITY. We walked and walked. As it is, we didn't get enough sleep in the plane... So... our legs ached, our feet sore, our calves were numb, and... for today, there's gonna' be MUCH MUCH MORE! Haha. Yeah. Oh ya, back to the lunch part. We went for, FASTFOOD. Oh, you might say: Wah, go there KFC/Mcdonald's ah? NONONO! The "fastfood" here is SO DIFFERENT! Yepz... Instead of burgers, soft drinks, fried chicken... You get "pau", noodles, "cold meat", garlic suce [YUCK!], some peanutty sauce, and vinegar! Haha. Wad lah! You think what "fast food" hor? =P goodness... Hehe. But SURPRISINGLY, they tasted quite good. Different lo... Haha. Then we visited the Forbidden City after that. There were SO MANY PEOPLE! Yalah... tourist area. So, do you know what Forbidden City is? Haha. I suspected it! =) You know the chinese shows you see on tv? Yeah... remember the old fashined ones, where there's the emperor and all the servants and stuff like that? Yeah, the Forbidden City is where the emperor lives. The palace is HUGE, HUMONGOUS, Very VERY LARGE. Yes! Aiyo... i dunno how to explain everything. Its too big. Haha.

Supposedly, its the size of 55 FOOTBALL FIELDS!! That's HUGE.

But we didn't manage to get into the "inner courts". Too tired of walking!! Seriously... its so big. you walk through the outer courts, then there's another huge square the size of 3 football fields, I think! Yup. Haiyo... last tim the stupid emperors all ah... so terrible! The place is so huge you know. And outside, lives all the poor people. Haha. Well, that's enough of explaining la... The first day also i can write so much already!! By the time i come back, i can publish a book already. I wish i could do that. If i noted down everything i see, and all the stories about what happened... it IS possible! Haha. Anyway, the temperature is pretty cold here. 60 degrees. But at night is colder. Hahaz... Alright, we're now goin' to walk somemore... Ah... at least we had a good rest. Hehe. Thank God. We're gonna' visit the Great Wall today i think. Well, so till the NEXT POST, have a great day!! God bless! =)

Monday, October 16, 2006


Hey people!! I'm in China now... Just arrived. Goodness! I'm so tired man... Had such a HARD time sleeping in the airplane!! Seriously... its awful to have to sleep in a plane. Quite impossible. Haha. Its like: HOW CAN I SLEEP IN A PLANE? WHEN...

- you are wearing socks and sneakers? i can tell you its terrible. =P
- you are wearing long jeans?
- you have to sit up?
- you have hardly any space?
- your legs are cramped up?
- your body's twisted to try to be in a "sleeping position"?
- you've just drank orange juice and sprite?
- you haven't brushed your teeth?
- you don't have your favorite pillow with you?
- you don't have all the things you NEED TO HAVE to SLEEP?!
GAH! ITS TERRIBLE! ;C haha... Well, anyway, the journey has just begun!! Ah... At least the internet is free here. So i can update everyday!! Thank Goodness! =)
Um... So oh well, i'll be missin' you guys! And for now, i'm gonna' sleep already... SO TIRED remember? =D
Alright then! So till the next post, take care my friends... Have a wonderful, great, cheery, joyful, hapy, nice, awesome, incredible, fantastic, splendid, interesting, good.... DAY!!!!! Smiles*

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bon Voyage!!

Greetings my beloved friends!!! XD

Goodness this will be me my LAST time blogging. I meant, i'll be away 4 a month! LEAVING TOMORO 4 CHINA & KOREA!!! Yipee!! Hurrah! Hurray! Yahoo! WooHoo!!! Haha... Oh well, my last words. Ah... to those whom i won't be able to say goodbye to in person... its such an awful pity!! Boo-hoo... =P

And oh yes! When i come back, i'll PLENTY of PICTURES. Haha. Look forward to that.

and oh ya... IF you ACTUALLY READ the newspapers... You would have come across North Korea (im goin south Korea yeah... And if you knew, North Korea is a COMMUNIST country. Ahaha. Maybe you didn't know. Oh, i can see maybe you didn't know the meaning of communist. Haha. Ah well, check the dictionary then! =P) Oh ok, back to North Korea. If YOU ACTUALLY READ the world news, you would have known that North Korea is planning to "throw" NUCLEAR BOMBS into um... some sea near Japan or something. So, if WAR actually breaks out in Korea... I might, sadly to say... Oh this is awfully terrible. I shan't say anything more! You can make the conclusions yourself. So till the next time... I'll be back on the 12th November. YES! Very loooooonng loooooonnng holiday. Haha. Thank God anyway... Oh well, so till the next post, TATA & FAREWELL my dearest, and beloved friends!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Some People Make You Wonder...

Helloz! wave* =)

So how are YOU doin' today? Uh... nevermind that. I had no special greeting that's why. Hehe. =P Oh well, have you ever thought of anyone in particular that you really REALLY DISLIKE. As a matter of fact, i'm putting it VERY nicely already. But i bet if you REALLY REALLY DISLIKED someone, you would have had all SORTS of words stuck up in you to describe the "horrible" person you disliked very much. Hmm... am i right again? =) Maybe, maybe not. But you see, i guess most of you go to school. And i actually do not wish to mention school... because as far as i know, ALOT of schools consist of ALOT of HORRIBLE people... or nicer to put it, students. And ofcourse, not to omit, TEACHERS. Oh well, maybe if you don't like reading what you're reading, OR you LIKE what you're reading, you would continue. Its just that, i thought that MAYBE you would'nt like the fact of me reminding you of HORRIBLE mindless people you "meet" in school. AND i think, you must be wondering, why in the world someone like me... (someone who SUPPOSEDLY hasn't been through what you call the "toughness/fun-ness" of school life...) is writing something like THAT or rather, THIS. You're wrong, if you thought that i didn't know whats happening in schools nowadays. [I sound so... um.. (how shall i put it?) yes! Truthful. =P Hahahaha...] Yes, you're terribly, AWFULLY, extremely, TREMENDOUSLY WRONG! Ahh... You see, i HEAR ALOT of "rubbish" from my friends. I mean, ya... and if i can rate myself as a rather "good" listener, hearing what "silliness" they go through in school would be quite ENOUGH. And ofcourse, i'm not talking about MY FRIENDS. Dont mistake me. I meant what awful "rubbish" you have to through in school. I hear it all the time. Even if no one tells me, any ordinary person like me would be able to tell how bad school is. Oh well, i know i know, alot of you tell me things like: School's fun. You get to do lots of stuff with your friends. And ohh... what do ACTUALLY do at home? Isn't it BORE-RINNG? Blah! If you're reading this, and you've asked me this "silly" question before, now is you chance to find out the "true" answer. Seriously. I mean, come on people! You don't need to give me silly excuses like: Its FUN at school... blah blah blah. Now that's ABSURD. ABSOLUTELY. Oh yes, maybe school REALLY IS fun. I don't really know. But as far as i know, i know that school ain't fun at all. Well, its alright if you're not agreeing with me. Everyone has their own point of view. And i'm quite sorry if this offends you. But if you CONSIDER to THINK, IF only you would sit for a moment (even if it takes you weeks and days and months and years to just THINK!) and think... Maybe you might find that i AM right. Haha. I know, SO MANY things happen in school. But if you would find out the answer for yourself, i bet you would probably know, most of the MANY things that happen... are bad bad bad. Yeah... you're smart enough lah. I bet from the very beginning you would have had already concluded my whole "article" here. I just LISTEN and listen and hear SO SO MUCH... and come on, i wouldn't be writing about this if i didn't know anything of what students do in school. Ahah! Got you there. You see, i know. Some of my friends come telling me: "Ah... you don't know what it feels like to "SUFFER" in school wan la." Hmm... read it again. SUFFER. Maybe what you're sayin' IS TRUE. Yup, maybe i haven't SUFFERED the WAY YOU HAD. But oh well, i DONT NEED to ever SUFFER ALL THE THINGS you all suffer in school. Seriously. If my parents had put me in some government school, you think i would be what i am now? I dont know. Only God knows. But well, i guess all parents have different "minds of their own". Haiyah... come on lah.. don't lie to me. I know whats goin' on. So, if i know whats goin' on, i obviously would know that NO ONE in the world would like to go to school. If you're someone who actually LIKES to go to school, i'm sure its for a different motive other than study. You know, i have a friend. I think it would be alright for me to REVEAL who this friend of mine is. She's obviously, JOYCE lah! Ahah! If you didn't cared to know, she's really a smart girl indeed. She told me, if she had a choice, she would have had chose to study at home. AND i bet alot of you could and WOULD say that, too. But do you know that it takes effort to be able to study at home? And ofcourse, i told her: Yalah, you would be doin' SO MUCH BETTER if you were studying at home. Rather than wasting time in school, when the teachers hardly teach ANYTHING AT ALL. You would be able to learn so much more on your own. Yup, i know. Teachers don't teach. That's why alot of students go lepak-ing around doing nothing. What i'm saying now is the truth. Come on lah, if i could, i would definitely dare to show this "article" to your parents. Seriously. After all, this is FACT, and its plainly, THE Truth. Besides the teachers not teaching, there are lots and lots of stuff students do when the TEACHERS AREN'T TEACHING, and NOT WATCHING. Oh but ofcourse, i wish not to mention WHAT STUFF in particular. I bet everyone who's smart enough to know whats happening, would obviously KNOW. Phew! I'm really writing something very long. But i really do enjoy writing, and what's more, writing something that is very "updated". Its happening now right? RIGHT NOW. So this is VERY updated. =D Haha. I hardly did manage to laugh. For those of you who actually managed to read this whole "article", it was very "considerate" of you. Because many many people, wouldn't be able to make it through. I know alot of people who like DENYING the TRUTH. How silly. Its absolutely preposterous. Which obviously means, ridiculous. But yeah, i think HALF OF THE WORLD (i actually dare say) would rather LIKE to DENY the truth than to face it and find a PROPER SOLUTION to it. How awfully sad. Too bad, i think i can't really do anything about it. But if i could, i definitely would...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What Do You "Indulge" In?!

Heya wonderful humans! Oh... i do hope you are one of them! =P Haha...

Oh well, i bet you've seen the title up there. So, oh wait first... in case you were just beginning to notice, i actually HARDLY write about what i do everyday or... um... just like the other blogs you see. Its more of, hmm how do i put it? Its like i made up my blog here, to write stuff, like articles... its fun to write "stuff" that has a... um, "purpose" in the end. You get it? So maybe, just maybe, what you're about to read is not GOING to be a WASTE of time. Haha. Cause' you know, sometimes i read other peoples blogs, i dont find any reason why i should read them. Well, ofcourse its UP TO YOU to read WHAT YOU LIKE! Smiles. Yeah, definitely. For me, i'd "obviously" choose to read something that's "worth" MY TIME. And one more thing, i definitely, obviously, want to make you feel that reading THIS will be WORTH YOUR TIME. Get it? Good. XD Haha... I sound silly, do i? Nevermind then. Now lets continue...

Alright! Enough of all that 'rather, unneccesary "blabber"'. Haha. Well, back to the title: "What Do YOU INDULGE In?" Yes! There MUST be something in which you so called, "indulge" in. Think, think HARD if you must. Oh wait, um... do you actually get what i'm talking/typing about?? Maybe you don't. But like i said, i've gotta' make this WORTH YOUR TIME!! So, in a way... TO INDULGE IN SOMETHING, practically means, TO ENJOY DOING SOMETHING. Well, simply to say, "indulge" is just a "fancy" word to describe.. [hold on, i'm just checking the Thesaurus now! =)] humor, to spoil, pamper... ok, these words have nothing to do with what i'm talking about. Anyway, as an example: "I, indulge in reading." You got it? Haha. So its something like, i really REALLY enjoy reading. And its something i "pamper"/"spoil" myself in. There are COUNTLESS things in which you can indulge in. If you're a rich... "so and so"... maybe you wouldn't even CONSIDER fishing as something you indulge in. Well, if you were some rich so and so, you would be indulging yourself in food or expensive accesories, shopping, golf, scuba diving, travelling... clothes etc. Correct? Ahah! Thats what i mean. Or maybe you're still not getting me. Then thats pretty bad. Haha... Oh well, i seriously tell you, I INDULGE IN BOOKS! Oh, but not textbooks OBVIOUSLY. I can read all sorts of books. As long as they are interesting and again, WORTH MY TIME. Ah, ofcourse textbooks NEED to be read... But, that isnt included in my "library". Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... I bet if you're a person who indulges in books also, you wouldn't have "textbooks" in your "library", right? Yes! I know im right. =P hahaha... Yes, i know, i do hope that what you're reading now i worth your time, though. Anyway! Lets continue! So what DO YOU indulge in? You know, if i would do a SURVEY on this topic, i would go around asking people the same ol' question i'm asking you right now. And i think MOST PEOPLE would'nt be able to answer me CLEARLY. Hope im right this time! Haha... I'll tell you once i've completed my SURVEY... i can't believe i'm typing what i'm typing, but it really seems that this is a pretty good topic! Good for me, and you! Haha... Well, i hope you're thinking hard now. But if you've already got the answer... then thats VERY GOOD! At least you know what you LIKE TO DO. Oh well, i'll have to cut this short. I'll post another "article" soon. Haha... So read on! =D

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Last Friday...

Jirene on the top of the car. Can you "spot the car? XD

See the faces. Just see. Ive got nothin' else to say.

No compromise? Haha. She didn't want to take pictures. Gotcha' Abigail! ;P

Miss Vain-pot. Haha. I gave you a new name! How spiteful of me. You can take it.

Us.We. Me. Her. Um... what else?

Hallo! Well, these are the pictures on Friday night. You know whats the occasion? Mooncake Festival lor... Haha. And that night, we didn't see any MOON at all!! What a pity right? Yes,
and i bet you know whats coming next! And...there was certainly an unpleasant "foul" smell that particular night... and also, the nights to come. I bet you are "smart enough" to guess what is that "foul" smell. So i shall not say a word about what it is. Well, there ain't i wanna share about that night. Just some pictures anyway... managed to take some... So just see it! Ahh, one more thing, i bet you would have already seen them! Haha. Yup yup, im a good guesser. You bet! smiles*

I know, its blurry. Just see lah! ;c Denielle, Phyllis, and Me!

Hello my "beloved friends"... again!

I am so SO sorry that i had to run off just like that without even finishing my story in the previous paragraph! Haha. You know, i think im writing like LEMONY SNICKET... You know who's he? Probably not. He's the author of all 13 (i think its 13) books of the series of the Unfortunate Events (oh... do mind me if i typed the wrong title). In case you were thinking what has "me" got to do with Lemony Snicket... Well, i've "accidentally" became a "lil" fan of his books just recently. But unfortunately, i don't buy any of the books. Its far too expensive. Haha. And the main reason is, i can already read one book in about 3 hours. So its no need to buy it. And another thing, the reason i said i think i seem to be writing in the same "manner" he writes is because: I think in the Book the 2nd, The Reptile Room, the author wrote the same thing as i did in my first sentence! (Oh, i know you wouldn't bother to see whether its true or not... But i just mentioned it for the "fun of it"!) Yess!! Well, in case you didnt know that i had a particular "sense of enjoyment" and excitement in reading books, now i shall tell you. YES!! Reading in my opinion, is one of the best things in LIFE!! In this whole cruel and polluted and evil, WORLD! Yup yup... Its true. But it will "obviously" not be interesting for you, IF you DESPISE reading like ALOT of people i know. It might be even YOU! Haha. But its ok... Too bad then. =) Well, i just looooove MPH! I bet you know MPH even if you "despise" books! Its a FANTASTIC place! Haha. You MUST be thinking im quite a mad person if you didn't know me well. I'm just simply typing only lah... But i enjoy telling you these sort of things. Hahaha... silly. Oh well, now lets continue. YeSSS!! Mph is the most wonderful place in the world! Whenever i go to Midvalley, which ofcourse, i go every week... I'll go to MPH straight away. No doubt about that. Most people would go shopping and stuff. Ah well here's the part i shall tell you the "truth". I DONT shop! Thats pretty bad for ANYONE. Yeah... I bet so. Yup... so that the "truth". So if i CANT shop... obviously i'd go do some "educational" stuff like reading. Ahh... that would be soooo much BETTER than "WINDOW SHOPPING"!! And for your information, shopping is not so good. Its boring. I mean i have everything i need. Owh well, although alot of people tend to need more and more and more and MORE and more and more and MORE and MORE, MORE, MORE!! Yes! You ARE agreeing with me! Thank goodness you are... otherwise... i dont know how. Hahaha... Alright, enough of that. You MUST be getting bored. Now i shall post something else... hopefully, just hopefully, its something MORE enjoyable to read. Hahaha... silly lah. =P

Saturday, October 7, 2006

I can HARDLY wait!!

Greetings my “beloved” friends!! XD

Now, where shall I start? I’m just thinking about what to write today. A-hah! Well, I bet you all have already noticed that my blog is a rather “cheery” one. And that’s obviously, very good! Haha. Most times, a lot of us would like to write on how pathetic, how sad, how uninteresting, our lives are. Now that’s pretty unpleasant to read, you know. Goodness, I’m actually quite ‘lost in my own words’. I’m kinda still thinking of what to write about today. It MUST be something interesting! It MUST be something that’s WORTH reading. You get what I mean? Hahaha… yeah. Well, i had a really really LOOOOONNNG day today... Haha. But thank God, it was fun! So when i say looooonnng day, it means, um... that i had a really looonng day filled with FUN! Haha... thank God, but i think, im getting nowhere with you all. ;P

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Dedicated to Lassie and Me! =)

Hey people!

Ahh, sorry for the first slideshow.. its a horrible mess! Haha. I just picked out any picture... Owh, anyway, i can't write a long one now. Gtg... so tata then! =)

In Honor of The Hee Hee Hyenas!!

Sunday, October 1, 2006

I created a Slide Show! Check it out!

Best Patrol Dinner Treat!

Hello people!!

Haha... well, i haven't any time to upload all the pictures, so i'll do it some other day. So anyway, just yesterday night, our Adventure Rangers commanders took my patrol (the Hee Hee HYENAS!) out for a seafood dinner "treat". And note: It was speacially, only, for the BEST PATROL! Hahaha... So anyway, we went for a seafood dinner, well, it was pretty good. We'd rather prefer a good dinner treat rather than "presents" for best patrol. Haha. Joyce suggested it, since our commanders we having such a "hard time" thinking of what to get us. =P After the dinner, we went to McDonalds for "dessert". And during the car ride, Joyce did an interview or somethin' in Comm. Kevan's car. Haha. Pretty hilarious seeing the video, though! Gah! And commander was so KIND EHOUGH to send me back all the way to Cheras!! Haha. You're such GREAT commanders... Thanks TONS!!

Haha.. so till the next year, i cant wait for more FUN! =) So tata for now...

Best Patrol Dinner Treat!

Hello people!!

Haha... well, i haven't any time to upload all the pictures, so i'll do it some other day. So anyway, just yesterday night, our Adventure Rangers commanders took my patrol (the Hee Hee HYENAS!) out for a seafood dinner "treat". And note: It was speacially, only, for the BEST PATROL! Hahaha... So anyway, we went for a seafood dinner, well, it was pretty good. We'd rather prefer a good dinner treat rather than "presents" for best patrol. Haha. Joyce suggested it, since our commanders we having such a "hard time" thinking of what to get us. =P After the dinner, we went to McDonalds for "dessert". And during the car ride, Joyce did an interview or somethin' in Comm. Kevan's car. Haha. Pretty hilarious seeing the video, though! Gah! And commander was
Joyce presenting YET another special "thank you" card to OUR Adventure Ranger Girls commander, Commander "Leng Lui". Ahahaha...

Haha.. Our "beloved" Commander Desmond and Joyce, presenting a special "thank You" card during our BEST PATROL "seafood" dinner yesterday.

I've just finished reading this awfully "interesting" book!! And i LOVE it!!

Lassie! Haha... So awfully cute! Well, in MY opinion though..

Me and my doggie, Lassie! Haha.. Cute lerr... =)

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