Thursday, February 28, 2008

Here’s A Question

When you die, will you go to heaven? (Click on one answer.)

Yes, I’m 100% sure.

I think I'll go to heaven.

No, I’m not sure.

This made me think. Just think.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bus Company Band

As announced in my previous post, last Saturday in Grace Klang, GYLO (Grace Youth Leaders Outreach) held a special service featuring the Bus Company Band and Ps. Gurmit Singh – yes, the dude who preached in last year’s ISCF Rally. =)

Don't mind our smug faces.

Tammy, Petrina, and I

Whoah, I like this one. :D

Larry and Darren

Ps. Gurmit Singh

Shannon, Joyce, Aisha, and Jian Quin

Yeah, I was wearing specs again. :P

That's all the pictures. I shan't post too many. :)

Now for a sweet and short newsflash of what happened last Saturday. All of us who were present were the first happy bunch to hear the band play their newly composed song: Burning Desperately. (Oh, correct me if I'm wrong about the title.) Man, I tell you, they were superbly LOUD! And they were good at it, I dare say. :P After their performance, the band members took turns to share their testimony and talked about how God was with them throughout all the competitions and practices they went through. And later Ps. Gurmit shared about using our talents and giftings for God and to make a stand for Jesus.

To sum it all up, I’d be glad to use this quote:


Quote, my dad. =D Good one, eh? Ponder on it for awhile.

And without hesitation, I’d say that the best thing you can and must stand for in life would be for your faith in Jesus Christ. Put God first and everything else will be added to you. If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. Zig Ziglar once said, “Just as the earth revolves around the sun, so should our lives revolve around the Son.”

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bus Company Live event this coming Saturday. The band has an interesting line up for us this weekend. They will be performing some songs and also some gags. =) Do come and join us for this event at 1.30pm in Grace Klang Second Hall. Be there or be square!
Organized by GYLO (Grace Youth Leaders Outreach)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Living to Tell a Testimony

As I was browsing through a couple of blogs, I came across – =)

I remember the first time I met Aisha was when I went for a Rangers Pow Wow Camp in 2006. After reading the latest post in her blog – an amazingly long testimony – I just only found out that she has actually came a long way to reach the point where she is now. You should read her testimony. I felt really encouraged by it. It stood out to me that Aisha got the chance to come to church and experience God only because the few people in her life decided to take the step to make a difference and invite her to Sunday school and for Christian events.

Even through her testimony about God’s grace and plan in her life, I am sure many people reading her blog would be blessed and stirred up in their hearts. Everyone has a story to tell; whether you are a Christian or not yet a Christian, you have a story to tell. And that story will either lead you to search for God or drive you to lead others to Him.

Each of us who have experienced God should live life with a drive to testify of God’s greatness in our life. Even without having to open our mouths, we can tell others about Jesus Christ and our faith in the true and living God through our actions and character. You can make a difference, too.

Live to tell a testimony.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One Leg Missing

Hey ho! Guess what? I finally spotted a grasshopper and managed catch it! =D

I know, the pictures are a bit “startling”, but it’s oh well, I like it. It’s my accomplishment. (: Haha.

As I’ve told you before, every photograph I take has a story to it. Here’s my latest. =)

Today out of boredom, I decided to go insect-hunting with a jar and my camera. It’s exciting to know that there’ll always be something to find and snap out there in nature. True enough in no time at all, I saw a spider gleefully ambushing a confused fly stuck in its web. And then… I distinctly spotted a bright green-colored insect I identified as a grasshopper. Sneakily edging my jar nearer to the grasshopper, in a jiffy, I succeeded in enclosing the poor green hopper in the jar. What a delight it was to have caught a grasshopper!

Shortly later, I realized that in my deliberate swiftness to capture the creature, I unknowingly clipped off one of its hopper-legs! After that, I realized that it couldn’t hop any more (though it could still fly…). But still, a grasshopper is called a grasshopper because it hops! Without its hopping ability, it wouldn’t be what it was created to be. And I bet life would be miserable for the poor grasshopper.

In connection with my story, I am reminded that in the same way, God has also created each of us with a unique gifting and trademark that only we have. Therefore we must use them wisely to our fullest capacity and according to the purpose by which we are created.

( Yeah, I know, I'm rather daring. :P)

One leg missing.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Seek God; Start Young

Hey, guess what? I just got back from the Sel #7 Outpost Camp! It was a good camp, not many of us went, but oh well, it was good enough. =) Haha, the theme for this camp was FOOD! And I was in Manesh’s group: Pappadam. Actually, I didn’t even know what a Pappadam was at first. (Psst, I also actually do not like Pappadams!) However, be that as it may, our group actually won 1st place! But all the same, with our other two awesome “rivals” – Bak Qua and Mud-pie – we’re all winners. ;)

Not to forget, this morning during parade, I was officially promoted to Expedition! *flash Cmdr Darren’s evil grin* So for now, I’d be awaiting orientation day… :D

Today during devotion, I learned something important. During worship time, the last verse of the song “Consuming Fire” stuck out to me. I remember it goes, “Lord have your way in me.” Throughout the half and hour service up till we left the campsite, even while in the bus, and up till now, I kept in mind that I’ll include this line in my blog.

Lord have your way in me.

It occurred to me as I was singing the verse, that God can never have his way in me if I continue life wanting things to go MY way. And it includes the way I treat other people, how I handle responsibilities, and how humble enough am I to be able to give in to people whom I think are in my way. All the time, we may think that we’re always right (who doesn’t?), but what about others’ viewpoint of our attitude? And most importantly, you should consider what God’s outlook of you might be!

It’s not as simple as just singing a song, but to have God’s way in our life, we must be prepared to give up certain things. It’s easy to say, but difficult to do. When Cmdr Joshua was sharing devotion today, he mentioned a friend of his who spent countless hours hooked on computer games. One day when his friend told him that he couldn’t feel God in his life, he asked his friend how long did he spend time seeking God. Only 15 minutes, was his reply.

You see, in truth, the more you set apart your life for God, the more will you draw closer to the light. But the less time you have for God, the further away you will drift from the light and into darkness. It can be pretty scary when you realize you’re drifting away. Distractions will come like strong underwater currents to bring you down. And it won’t be a piece of cake to resume basking in God’s light.

The line “Lord have your way in me” registered because I feel that I’m getting lazier and lazier to do devotion and to set apart time for God. There’s everything else to do, and so many distractions that can divert my attention away from God. But that’s the point! It’s part of the challenge. Now that I’ve written this, I’m ever more determined to get back on track.

The underwater currents are pulling, but I can swim, so I assure you I won’t drown. But what if I tire out? Well not to worry, I know if I’m really set on doing the right thing, God will be my strength. The same goes for you! Life is a learning process; be eager to learn. As Cmdr Joshua concluded in devotion he said: Seek God with all your heart, and START YOUNG

Thursday, February 14, 2008

There’s a story behind every photograph I capture. Here’s one.

One day, I spotted a teeny-weeny moth on my mirror. It would have been nicer if I photographed its mirrored reflection, but I decided to capture it so that I’ll be able to take a clear macro shot. As I was admiring the little moth in the jar, it caught me that people don’t usually admire moths. The only times I happen to see a moth is when I’m in the bathroom. Haha, seriously!

I attempted to take a close-up shot of it to capture its wings. But of course, a butterfly would be a more beautiful capture. Most people would say that butterflies are prettier creatures compared to their dull-colored, night-flying cousins – moths. It occurred to me as I was admiring the moth in its jar, that even the dullest of moths are beautiful because no one will ever be able to create another like it.

Sometimes I wonder how some people can believe the idea that the world began with a big, loud BANG! Did the world just appear out of random, then? So are YOU just an insignificant, worthless being walking on the face of this earth? If you actually believe that you were not created for a purpose on earth, you will in actual fact be literally, worthless. The more you think about it, the more remorseful you’ll get.

My dad once gave me a simple analogy. Consider a simple object like a pencil. Can you tell me where it came from? Well of course, someone had to design and manufacture it right? But would you believe me if I told you it appeared out of a big loud bang?

Likewise, every living plant and creature on planet earth could not possibly have formed by chance or out of some haphazard cosmic explosion. There must be a Designer-Creator, a Supreme Being that formed the universe. Not by random chance, but by a firm plan and purpose. (Psalm 33:11)

Even a seemingly tiny and unnoticeable moth is in truth, God’s handiwork. Admire the intricacy and complexity of the moth’s wings. The reason I chose a moth on my header instead of something more appealing, is because I wanted to tell you that no one is unnoticeable or dull or worthless.

“God decided to give us life through the word of truth so we might be the most important of all the things He made.” – James 1:18 [NCV]

Until you realize that you are not nothing, but SOMETHING in God’s eyes, then only will you fully understand God’s purpose for your existence on earth.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hibernation Mode

Greetings everyone!

Yes yes, I know, some people have been asking, “Where art thou hath goneth, Janielleth?” Hehe.

That, was obviously an improper use of Old English. Anyway, fear not, I’m nearly out of “hibernation mode” already. My invalid excuse is that I’ve been too busy to write. (Yeah right, hibernation, I mentioned.)

Okay, my excuse sounds rather typical – and besides, I love writing! I guess I just dropped the momentum of blogging for awhile. But after browsing a few of your blogs, I think I’ve finally contracted the “itch” to blog again! =D

I shall explain my new header another time. (Yeah, what does “intricate” mean, anyway?) I’ve got a few thoughts that I’ve accumulated over the past two weeks that I think might be worth sharing with you. Got to run off for a dinner now. Till then, patiently await my next post! ;)

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