Monday, February 18, 2008

Seek God; Start Young

Hey, guess what? I just got back from the Sel #7 Outpost Camp! It was a good camp, not many of us went, but oh well, it was good enough. =) Haha, the theme for this camp was FOOD! And I was in Manesh’s group: Pappadam. Actually, I didn’t even know what a Pappadam was at first. (Psst, I also actually do not like Pappadams!) However, be that as it may, our group actually won 1st place! But all the same, with our other two awesome “rivals” – Bak Qua and Mud-pie – we’re all winners. ;)

Not to forget, this morning during parade, I was officially promoted to Expedition! *flash Cmdr Darren’s evil grin* So for now, I’d be awaiting orientation day… :D

Today during devotion, I learned something important. During worship time, the last verse of the song “Consuming Fire” stuck out to me. I remember it goes, “Lord have your way in me.” Throughout the half and hour service up till we left the campsite, even while in the bus, and up till now, I kept in mind that I’ll include this line in my blog.

Lord have your way in me.

It occurred to me as I was singing the verse, that God can never have his way in me if I continue life wanting things to go MY way. And it includes the way I treat other people, how I handle responsibilities, and how humble enough am I to be able to give in to people whom I think are in my way. All the time, we may think that we’re always right (who doesn’t?), but what about others’ viewpoint of our attitude? And most importantly, you should consider what God’s outlook of you might be!

It’s not as simple as just singing a song, but to have God’s way in our life, we must be prepared to give up certain things. It’s easy to say, but difficult to do. When Cmdr Joshua was sharing devotion today, he mentioned a friend of his who spent countless hours hooked on computer games. One day when his friend told him that he couldn’t feel God in his life, he asked his friend how long did he spend time seeking God. Only 15 minutes, was his reply.

You see, in truth, the more you set apart your life for God, the more will you draw closer to the light. But the less time you have for God, the further away you will drift from the light and into darkness. It can be pretty scary when you realize you’re drifting away. Distractions will come like strong underwater currents to bring you down. And it won’t be a piece of cake to resume basking in God’s light.

The line “Lord have your way in me” registered because I feel that I’m getting lazier and lazier to do devotion and to set apart time for God. There’s everything else to do, and so many distractions that can divert my attention away from God. But that’s the point! It’s part of the challenge. Now that I’ve written this, I’m ever more determined to get back on track.

The underwater currents are pulling, but I can swim, so I assure you I won’t drown. But what if I tire out? Well not to worry, I know if I’m really set on doing the right thing, God will be my strength. The same goes for you! Life is a learning process; be eager to learn. As Cmdr Joshua concluded in devotion he said: Seek God with all your heart, and START YOUNG

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