Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One Leg Missing

Hey ho! Guess what? I finally spotted a grasshopper and managed catch it! =D

I know, the pictures are a bit “startling”, but it’s oh well, I like it. It’s my accomplishment. (: Haha.

As I’ve told you before, every photograph I take has a story to it. Here’s my latest. =)

Today out of boredom, I decided to go insect-hunting with a jar and my camera. It’s exciting to know that there’ll always be something to find and snap out there in nature. True enough in no time at all, I saw a spider gleefully ambushing a confused fly stuck in its web. And then… I distinctly spotted a bright green-colored insect I identified as a grasshopper. Sneakily edging my jar nearer to the grasshopper, in a jiffy, I succeeded in enclosing the poor green hopper in the jar. What a delight it was to have caught a grasshopper!

Shortly later, I realized that in my deliberate swiftness to capture the creature, I unknowingly clipped off one of its hopper-legs! After that, I realized that it couldn’t hop any more (though it could still fly…). But still, a grasshopper is called a grasshopper because it hops! Without its hopping ability, it wouldn’t be what it was created to be. And I bet life would be miserable for the poor grasshopper.

In connection with my story, I am reminded that in the same way, God has also created each of us with a unique gifting and trademark that only we have. Therefore we must use them wisely to our fullest capacity and according to the purpose by which we are created.

( Yeah, I know, I'm rather daring. :P)

One leg missing.

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