Photography makes me pause, it makes me savour the little things, and unleash my creativity.

I am a lover of art. And since I cannot draw to save my life, photography is an avenue for me to create and experiment and capture the beauty in the simplicity of nature, of the human face, of moments in everyday life. I love it when photography becomes art. I have a streak of perfectionism within me, unavoidably. But it makes me look for the best angle, from a different perspective, and see what other people tend to miss.

Photo Gallery

Daffodils + Daisies | My Backyard. ;)

 Stunning Rosella Birds | Dandenong Mountains, Victoria.

A Mesmerizing Sunset at Kamala Beach | Phuket, Thailand.

Inner Beauty | My Backyard. :)

A Perfect Sunset | Phuket, Thailand.
Road to Heaven | Jeju Island, South Korea.

Wild Kangaroo with a Docile Demeanour :)
Glowing Silhouette of a Kangaroo at Dusk.
Kyneton Bushlands | Victoria

Innocence | My Backyard

My Orange Sunshine | Floriade Festival, Canberra, New South Wales.

Beauty in Sepia | Home "Studio"

Daddy and a Crashing Wave Behind Him | Broulee, New South Wales.

Priceless: A Koala Crossing the Road (!!!)
Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Magical Sunset at the 12 Apostles
 Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Autumn in My Hand | My Backyard :)

In the Past | Janielle's Homemade Studio 2010

Rose Red | Janielle's Homemade Studio 2010


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