Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hello, my dearest _______ !! (Kindly fill the blank yourself. Thank You! =D)

Oh well, i was just about to type something just an hour an a-half ago, but all of a sudden a huge clap of thunder came along... and there goes the electricity. Lights off. So i had to "TOUCH" my way from upstairs to reach the living room... which is obviously downstairs. Sighs, thank goodness for my "HOMELY INSTINCTS" (As how i call it... i bet you have your own, HOMELY INSTINCTS. If you get what i mean.), I managed to reach the living room. Till my eyes finally adjusted to the very very dim lighting, which is very obvious to you that its from the street lights outside... My mum called and said: "Play the piano lah..." (or something like that) And you obviously don't play the piano in such DIM lighting. But oh well, i did it anyway. Oh my, to tell you the truth, IT SOUNDED... simply... so... HEAVENLY!! Really, i can assure you it did. Ah, another one of those "homely instincts"... But i'd rather bet these were "music instincts". Nothing to boast about really. After 6 years of learning piano, even in the dark you can start to play... by your "instincts" ofcourse. I guess all human were taught to do so, sometimes, in weird situitions, to "PLAY BY OUR INSTINCTS". Interesting isn't it? I started playing the Pachabel's Canon in D (or whatever you call it, i lost the music sheets sometime ago, only that faint memory in my head made me play it out) with such flaw that i tarally surprised myself (although i've done this before). And as i heard the rain splattering outside, i felt that heavenly... "sense". Maybe i'm exagerrating again, but you know, the melodious tones of the piano matched perfectly with the "pitter-patter" of rain outside. I've done this before many, many times. And really, to be honest, i actually like to play when it rains... It kind of blends in the music better. It may sound like a weird "theory" to you... But until you "feel" it, then only it'll make clear sense and rhythmn... Haha. Seriously, i'm not bluffing! My mum started to light candles; the atmosphere was perfect. I like it when its dark. And i definitely hate to play the piano when bright fluorescent lights are on. Whenever i play, i'd dim the lights, although its actually quite bad for my eyes to be fair. And my mum would come along and say: "Its bad for your eyes!" And she'd switch on the "bright lights"; and a moment later i'd turn them off again! Haha... Such silliness.

Oh well, so till my next post, I hope to see you soon, ______ (Yes please, kindly fill that blank. Whoever you are! Thank you! =P) Haha...


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Vacation Bible School 2006 FIESTA!!

Heya my dear friends!!

Phew its been a LONG LONG time since i'd posted somethin'... Anyway, as i guess all of you know... the latest highlight for last week was VBS and the HILLSONG UNITED CONCERT!! Haha, i WAS there!! Envy me, yeah... Hehe. =P Oh well, i think i'd start with VBS first. So...

One of the things and "times" i enjoyed MOST during VBS was our trip back to church from WET WORLD by bus... Haha... I actually posted this on Thursday night last week, but it didn't get through. So anyway, i'll start.

Well, the "thing" that made the bus ride so HILARIOUS were 4 girls that so far... i'd rate the funniest and the funnest to be with during VBS. So, the conversation began soon after we settled in the bus... (it went something like this, though i kinda' revised it "abit")

Me: Eh i want chewing gum, you still have it?
Ashley a.k.a Joker#2 (Shannon's sis): Ya, Kimmy, get it.
Kimberly a.k.a JOKER#1 (Ashley's cousin and Kristen's sis) digs out some "stuff" and says: See, i'm "operating" her bag. =_=
Then i pop in the chewing gum... after some "serious" operation. (take note: I usually exaggerate my stories "a little")

Me: Eh! Why you two got bubblegum wan?! I want also! (They had unknowingly to me, smuggled some bubblegum into their mouths.)
Kimberly sighs and turns to unzip Ashley's bag: See, I have to "operate" her bag again.
I start chomping on my bubblegum and very soon, the Joker#1 beside me blows an ENORMOUS bubble... I was tooo tempted to touch it, and i think i did. Kimberly lets out soft muffles as she maintains the shape of the "enormous bubble".
Me: It looks soooo TOUCHABLE lah!!
Ashley, E-lynn, Shirlynn, and Su May chuckles...


Ashley: Do you like ARTHUR? (Refering to ME)
Me: Huh? Arthur? Arthur Keng? Oh, your cousin rite?
Ashley: Yalah...
Me: NO.
Ashley: YUCK. (Laughs from us all)
And cheeky E-Lynn makes HER REMARK: Eh, but cousin and cousin can GET MARRIED wan what!
(I laugh uncontrollably...)
Me: Yerrrrrr!!
Kimberly: Yah, then you get ALIEN CHILD. (MORE LAUGHTER)

Well, it might not seem too funny now, but we were definitely creating some kind of "small havoc" in the back of the bus that day.

I start blowing a HUGE, HUMUNGOUS, bubblegum... and E-Lynn POPS IT!
Me: Yeesh, E-Lynn, LOOK WHAT YOU DID!
Ignoring my remark, E-Lynn went: Melody! Give tissue! (And she did that twice in a role)
Me: Eh, don't simply talk lah! (Starts rubbing my face to get the remains of the bubblegum off my cheek)

THE END and throughout the trip, we were making noise, although everyone else in the front "pretended" they didn't hear us... as far as i "perceived". And so I shall continue with:


Saturday, November 18, 2006

Heya' all!!

Gosh, I'm just so terribly dissapointed that i can't show you guys the pictures... Anyway, just here to ANNOUNCE that i won't be updating this for a while... If there's any chance, then ofcourse i would write a bit. Though there doesn't seem to be much news in this blog... Haha...

Wellllll welll welll.... next week's VBS, and i can't wait!! Yipee[s]!! Finally i get to overnight Joyce's house [once again], and its gonna' be a BLAST!! Ah' can't wait!! Oh yes, once again... I tend to use so many [exclamation marks]. Haha. That shows that i'm excited. I really do wonder what you're thinking about now... Are you excited about something yourself? Haha, well i do hope you are... Its good to expect the... [good]. Uh, nevermind if you didn't get that. Haha. But as usual (i think i'm in the mood to "blabber on and on"... about who knows WHAT, would come next XD) i tend to blabber on and on if i'm in the mood. And that means writing la ofcourse. Its good to write you know... (yeesh... there i go... some stuff bout' writing...) Haha, what la. And oh yesss!! There's gonna' be a HILLSONG CONCERT next Friday, 24th Nov!! And we're goin' off to SIB church right after VBS! Hurrahs! (Yeah, there's plenty of room for more exclamation marks! That's splendid! =P) You know what? I actually didn't even ask for the Hillsong tickets... But dear Sis. Kim saved a ticket for me!! Haha. Thank God, she new i'd LOVE TO GO... and it was AWFULLY KIND of her to save a ticket for me while i was in KOREA & China! Wonderful! Haha... Then after that, the following week there'll be some Christmas Rally or somethin'. Although i don't think i'll be helpin' out...

Then there's :

GY CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE HIGHLIGHT EVERY YEAR END!! Wow, i can't wait!!!! Its gonna' be a BLAST!! And this year, by God's wonderful grace, all three of my cousins are coming!!! I can't wait! There's so much to tell, aiyah, but i've got to go out for dinner now... HOpe to say some more soon! So TATA and have a good week ahead! =)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm BACK!!!!

Hey people!!!!!!

Finally!! I'm back!! Haha... I can't wait to catch up with you all when i see ya all!! Wonderful! Meanwhile, i'm just sooooo excited to think about all the events that are comin' up this year end!! Yup yup... Its gonna' be a blast!! Um, you must be realizing the "intensive" use of [!!] exclamation marks... Haha. Yes! That ofcourse means that i'm "excited"! =D Haha, sorry to bother you with such "sillyness". Anyway, its a horrible pity that i can't [CAN'T!] download the pictures of my hol in China & Korea! *Sobs* Yeah, its still in my dad's laptop... Haha. Actually, i've got lots to say... But you know, all of a sudden... I kinda' like, dunno' what to write! Haha... Anyway, i'll recollect everything about the trip when i see the pics again. So, meanwhile... I'll post somethin' else before I get the pictures and start explaining my trip...

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