Thursday, February 21, 2008

Living to Tell a Testimony

As I was browsing through a couple of blogs, I came across – =)

I remember the first time I met Aisha was when I went for a Rangers Pow Wow Camp in 2006. After reading the latest post in her blog – an amazingly long testimony – I just only found out that she has actually came a long way to reach the point where she is now. You should read her testimony. I felt really encouraged by it. It stood out to me that Aisha got the chance to come to church and experience God only because the few people in her life decided to take the step to make a difference and invite her to Sunday school and for Christian events.

Even through her testimony about God’s grace and plan in her life, I am sure many people reading her blog would be blessed and stirred up in their hearts. Everyone has a story to tell; whether you are a Christian or not yet a Christian, you have a story to tell. And that story will either lead you to search for God or drive you to lead others to Him.

Each of us who have experienced God should live life with a drive to testify of God’s greatness in our life. Even without having to open our mouths, we can tell others about Jesus Christ and our faith in the true and living God through our actions and character. You can make a difference, too.

Live to tell a testimony.

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