Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hibernation Mode

Greetings everyone!

Yes yes, I know, some people have been asking, “Where art thou hath goneth, Janielleth?” Hehe.

That, was obviously an improper use of Old English. Anyway, fear not, I’m nearly out of “hibernation mode” already. My invalid excuse is that I’ve been too busy to write. (Yeah right, hibernation, I mentioned.)

Okay, my excuse sounds rather typical – and besides, I love writing! I guess I just dropped the momentum of blogging for awhile. But after browsing a few of your blogs, I think I’ve finally contracted the “itch” to blog again! =D

I shall explain my new header another time. (Yeah, what does “intricate” mean, anyway?) I’ve got a few thoughts that I’ve accumulated over the past two weeks that I think might be worth sharing with you. Got to run off for a dinner now. Till then, patiently await my next post! ;)

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