Friday, December 29, 2006


I want ERAGON [the book ofcourse! you silly! =P]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw the movie on Wednesday, well, not much to expect actually... But i BET the book would be well worth buying.

Joyce said it was the BEST [so called i guess] book she'd ever laid her eyes on, so ofcourse i believe her! She's another book lover, thank GOD. =)

Well, i want it or my Christmas present. Can you believe it? Not too unbelievable lah.. actually. Hehe. Just a week ago i was in MPH. I came across the ERAGON section. There was this guy in his teens, he was talking to his friends: "The [Eragon] movie was a DISSAPOINTMENT lah. The message the author [which is a 15 year old boy!] is trying to convey, is not found in the movie!" So ofcourse, i believed him lah i guess.. NO MOVIE can EVER REPLACE the originality, fantasy, imagination, idea, the BOOK beholds. Yep. So i think i'll start reading it in the new year, 2007! Hurrahs! =)

So, tara for now!

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