Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Special Announcement!!

This ANNOUNCEMENT is for EVERYONE. Whether young or old, fat or thin, big or small, Christian or Non-Christian, friends or family, happy or sad, pink or black lover, clever or intelligent, dumb or silly, pig or frog, home schooled or school schooled…


Hello people!!

This announcement is to PROMOTE a special ORGANIZATION which has JUST RECENTLY been created. I would like to MENTION 2 VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE WHO FOUNDED this SPECIAL ORGANIZATION
which is called:

The ACC [For now, we would NOT tell you what ACC stands for. It still remains CONFIDENTIAL. And ONLY, the FOUNDERS would know what the acronym ACC stands for.]

Therefore, I shall proceed to announce the FOUNDERS of the ACC organization
, which is:

Me, MYSELF, I and my dog >> JANIELLE BEH - and,

Mr. PINKO >> Pink Metal >> ZLWIN CHEW [Sadly to say, in this case, he is NOT in pink!Sorry partner! =P]

YES!! It is US, the FOUNDERS of the ACC organization!! For now, I will just give you all a HINT* to what ACC is ALL ABOUT. Be prepared!!

The PURPOSE of ACC is:

- To REACH OUT to a SPECIFIC bunch of youths

- To create a FRIENDLIER and more WELCOMING atmosphere amongst this diverse bunch of unique youths (NOTE: I will not YET tell you WHAT bunch of youths. This special announcement is just to INFORM and PREPARE you for SOMETHING EXCITING that is coming up ahead of you!)

- To LEAD lost youths to JESUS

- To spread out and spot youths that has the potential to STAND OUT FOR CHRIST. [There are many more that are yet to be listed. Just wait and continue to visit this site for more updates of our latest plans!]


John 15:16-17 (This verse was specially chosen by Me, Myself, and I >> Janielle) and Hebrews 10:24-25 (Yet another verse chosen by the OTHER HALF of ACC: Mr. Pinko >> Zlwin) Go read it! We are all CALLED & APPOINTED to go out, and reach out to those who are LOST. The theme also includes EVANGELISM, LOVE, and of course, the theme for Grace Youths this year 2007: L.I.F.E

For now, I and Zlwin will continue to promote ACC until its OFFICIAL LAUNCH, which is not decided YET.

So be ready and steady for the new wave of a bunch of youths that are passionate and excited for JESUS! Its coming, its edging nearer and nearer, THE TIME HAS COME for youths to RISE UP and STAND OUT IN THE GAP to REACH OUT and LEAD OTHER youths (both Christian and Non-Christians) to JESUS!

So read on, my friend! Go check out the other half of ACC:


All for JESUS,

Janielle Beh

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