Sunday, January 21, 2007

Haro' folks!!

Just posted some pictures ACC took, and ofcourse with some other people. The snapshots were taken during Samantha Ong's sweet sixteen in KEC yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU!!! =D So... Savour the pictures... Haha. FINALLY we took pictures of the FOUNDERS of ACC. XD

Jesus is with us!! I heard from Zlwin that Ps. Ronald preached on the verses John 15:16-17 today. And guess what? Yesterday in YE, me and Zlwin were sharing about the SAME VERSE for 300 seconds!!! Simply AMAZING how GOD WORKS eh??? Yep, thats OUR GOD. Woohooo!!

Me, Shannon and ZlwinMe and pinko >>> Zlwin. THE FOUNDERS OF ACC!!! Woohoo!! ;)

Me, Shannon, and Zlwin at Samantha's sweet sixteen

Looking UP. To something 'unseen'... So oh well, LOOK TO JESUS!! Hebrews 4:12 for YOU!

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