Sunday, January 21, 2007

Helloo my dear friends...

Yesterday was truly a good day, simply FANTABULOUS!!! Awesome!! Youth Church was the BEST! I managed to chat with a few people yesterday, and it was really really good. We didn't talk RUBBISH and TRASH like most of you do, ok? It was BENEFICIAL talk for both parties. Really really really FANTASTIC!! I'll talk to Emily and Rou Shinq soon yeah... All those irritating INVADERS kept on bugging us. Yeesh yeesh yeesh. AS A RESULT, I SHALL MAKE AND OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT.


Please please PLEASE, next time when you see me, or other people talking or having a very very good chat with someone, please DON'T INVADE our conversation. Don't corrupt it with your silly TEASINGS, because i really REALLY DISLIKE it. I'd love to tell u in person. I WILL. This is a WARNING. You've done it so SO many times. Its not very nice, when people are engaged in a good conversation with someone who NEEDS it, and YOU come barging into it and ruining everthing. So, pretty please, STOP INVADING. Thank You!! =D

So, till the next time, TAKE NOTE: MINGLE JINGLE is on NEXT SATURDAY in YE 2nd Hall at 2 o'clock SHARP. We'll have a whale of a time!!! =D

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