Friday, January 19, 2007

Heya extraordinary beings!!

Woohooo!!! ACC!! Hurrahs! =) Haha... Wow, pinko, everyone's seem to be so excited lah!! Awesome!! Continue in that manner my friends!! Haha... Ok, I tend to use a bit too many exclamation marks. But oh well, who careth?! Its a very very good sign!! That means I'm excited. And you MUST be too!! Hurray!! Claps* Cheers* ACC!!

Ok... Enough of that HULLABALOO. Go check the dictionary lah! I shan't tell u what's the meaning. By the way, I didn't make it up. Its a REAL word. =P Serious!! Haha. - Yes, Ian. Good for your vocabulary. X) Hahaha.

I'm just so terribly excited for tomorrow!! I shan't tell u why, though. =) Haha. By the way, those who are excited for JESUS, YOU -


- are surely, definitely joining ACC! Come and talk to me. OR pinko >> Zlwin. Tell me YOU'RE IN. And i'll get you IN. Don't worry, i know you have ALOT of QUESTIONS to ASK. But hold on, and PRAY FIRST. Let the excitement burn and burn and BURN until the TIME FINALLY COMES, LET IT ALL OUT FOR GOD!! WooHooo!! Haha. *smiles a HUGE HUGE HUGE smile*

Alright, so, TODAY'S DELICACY is:

Take note: This is going to be a very VERY SCRUMPTIOUS, MOUTH-WATERING, DELICIOUS, YUMMY YUMMY-LICIOUS... MEAL!! So prepare yourself... =D

~ Psalms 103 ~

Eat well, and enjoy!! I'm off to Klang now... TOMORROW!! Woohoo!! Praise the Lord O my soul... Make sure you come for YOUTH CHURCH at 2.00pm SHARP. I wanna' talk to EVERYONE of YOU! Hope time permits me to do so... =D

"But from everlasting to everlasting, the LORD'S LOVE is with those who FEAR HIM...''

+ Janielle +

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