Thursday, January 11, 2007

Heya 'extraordinary' creatures!! =)

Haha, my most sincere apologies concerning the "unfrequent" updates. Oh no, i'm not very sorry actually. Ok, whatever. I had some internet connection problems since Tuesday, but thank goodness its back, and "healthy". Wink*

So, i shall proceed to tell what happened the past 2 days.

Well, i went to Midvalley yesterday... and ofcourse, if you know me well enough, you would probably have guessed that i went to MPH. AGAIN. Haha, yeah. I spent 3 hours sitting there. When i first arrived in MPH, i hurried over to the bookshelf that shelved the SERIES OF THE UNFORTUNATE EVENTS. Yes. I picked out the book: THE END. And read it till the end. Mm... Good book. I think i've read at least 5 UNFORTUNATE EVENTS BOOKS already. And as you must have already guessed, I READ ALL FIVE IN MPH. I think all in all, it took 6 hrs to read all 5 books. Mmm... pretty impressive. Anyway, after i finished THE END, and read till the end of THE END... I decided to pick another book. And i arrived at a book titled: CORALINA.

IT WAS A BIZARRE BOOK. BUT, BIZARRE IN A SILLY and NONSENSICAL WAY. Oh how I regretted picking it up, and reading it! Argh, wasted my time reading it!

CORALINA was a book about a girl who discovered a door... That led to another house. Much like hers, but with different inhabitants in it. Such as, a man and his wife, who had BUTTONS FOR EYES. A crazy fella who owned a CIRCUS/ORCHESTRA OF SINGING RATS. Two old ladies who ACTED AND PERFORMED FOR THEIR DOGS TO WATCH... FOREVER & ALWAYS. Stupid? Yes. Unsensible? Yes. I thought it would be an interesting book. It was... It was also scary at the same time. But, i just didn't enjoy it. The reason i picked it up, was because there were a LONG LIST of COMMENTS regarding the book by many famous authors. Such as Lemony Snicket and Dianna Wynne Jones. Mmm... So i guess, i presume, that i was tricked. Sighs.

So the lesson for today is: Don't be fooled by PROPAGANDA. Or PUFFERY. Or, nice descriptions. [Uh, i think you must check the dictionary now.] Hahahahaha!! So...

So long, and toodles!! =)

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