Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I’m taking a poll. =) Well, it’s supposed to be a homework assignment.

WHAT DOES YOUR NAME MEAN? Well, I’m halfway through studying about word etymologies, so I’m supposed to take a poll on the meaning and the origin of names.

Haha, yeah, I’m so clever! I’m doing it through my blog instead of going around and taking a poll/survey “manually” (if that’s the right word to use).

Here’s what I’m supposed to do for my assignment: Take a poll of your friends to see whether they know what their first names mean and what languages they come from.

Ok, now that you understand the reason for this post, I can start my survey. =D Do you know what your name means? And what language it is from? Just answer me by the chat-box! Ok, I seriously don’t know whether this’ll work. (My easy way out…) =P

Example: JANIELLE/JANELLE means, God’s grace. It’s from the Hebrew language. =) That’s what you’re supposed to tell me.

God bless!

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