Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Can’t resist? Then don’t look at it!

My youngest sister, Jirene, has a very sweet tooth. She loves to eat sweets and ice-cream and all of that sort. One day, she’ll lose all her teeth.

Yesterday, as usual, we went to Midvalley. The spoiled brat wanted to eat ice-cream. (Okay, Jirene’s not that a spoiled brat compared to a lot of kids.) Anyway, I tried to convince my dad not to buy anything for her. Just for fun. Are the eldest always like that? xD

Me: No, you won’t get it. No. Daaaad, don’t let her!

Jirene ignored me. She kept tugging my dad, and looking sideways toward the ice-cream shop.

Me: Okay, just don’t look at it; then you won’t get tempted. (I blocked her view.)

Well, as predicted, she got her ice-cream anyway. Gah! Are the youngest always like that? =P


Now it’s my turn. When we were going back, my mum reminded us that she bought some bread for breakfast the next day. But I felt hungry… NOW. That’s when Jirene caught me.

Jirene: Hey, you’re not supposed to eat it now! It’s for tomorrow!

Me: “Okay okay, but, I CAN’T RESIST!” (I can’t believe I actually said that)

Jirene: “Then DON’T LOOK AT IT.”

I burst out laughing. Hmp, she got me! Argh. Then she gave me that “look” which said: Ha-ha, I gotcha’! IN YOUR FACE!

Got something you can’t resist?

Janielle’s wise counsel: DON’T LOOK AT IT!

Okay, I don’t think it’ll work for you anyway. =P

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