Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Yeah, to those of you who come to this site everyday, you must be wondering where I’d gone for two days. Well, I was actually grounded on Monday and Tuesday. “No computer, no TV”, my mum said. It doesn’t really bother me one bit being grounded for TV, because I’ve stopped watching for months already. (Yeah, I’m crazy, don’t worry.) =P

I was grounded because I “offended” my monkey-sister. (I wouldn’t want to tell you how I offended her, though.)
And on Tuesday, I was grounded because I guess I really did deserve to be grounded. My mum was boiling soup, and she told me to watch it while studying in the kitchen. Okay, so the point was, I didn’t watch it. I ignored it.

One long hour later... I was sitting in my room doing some stuff when my mum yelled and said, “Janielle, have you off-ed the fire?!!” (Yeah, “off-ed” is the word.) By the tone of her voice, I knew she was expecting the answer, “Oops, no, I forgot.”

That was exactly what I mumbled before she knocked me on the head and said, “I’m soooo fed up of you! Always not listening properly and never doing what I tell you to do properly!” By the way, I didn’t just burn the soup – or rather, caused the soup to be burned. I nearly would have burned the pot itself if my mum didn’t remember she was boiling soup! Yikes.

So, do you think I rightly deserved to be grounded?

I’ve once suggested to my mother a grounding which I think would be more severe for me.

“Ma, next time you should ground me from READING. That would be the worst punishment ever!!”

Seriously, if my parents were ever in the right mind to ground me from reading the whole day, I’d flip three somersaults and conk out. But of course, they wouldn’t do such a terrible thing. =) Being grounded from going online is much less cruel.

And I’m very sure my dear parents would be reading this now. Really, they read my blog. But there’s nothing to hide, though. =D

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