Friday, August 3, 2007

The World Has Gone Topsy-Turvy!

My goodness, nowadays when you read the newspapers, you see all sorts of bizarre news! I was just reading the World News when I realized that I’ve found something to write about in my blog. =) Last time I used to think Global Warming will never really happen. Or maybe I didn’t care enough to bother.

You remember the movie, The Day after Tomorrow? Ah yes, I liked it quite much. =D But it’s really scary to think that NOW, it can possibly happen! Oh my. Imagine, my dear… It’s simply too true to behold! The icecaps on the Himalayas are melting faster than it should. Scientists say that in 50 years time, there’ll be no more ice on it…

Now everywhere in the world you see turmoil. Ok ok, it’s not as if the world has been very peaceful in the past, but… everything’s getting EXTRA worse now! Haven’t you thought about the world’s condition? It’s getting worse, and WORSER than you think.

In India, there are floods all over the place, and water everywhere. It is reported that the heavy monsoon rain and floods have killed at least 166 people and displaced about 19 million others after large areas of northern India and Bangladesh were inundated. Imagine 19,000,000! Now that’s a lot, if you didn’t know nuts about numbers. =P

And in China, the news I read is even more bizarre. More than 700 hundred people have been killed by the floods. But the most amazing thing is that the people are now warned of a coming DROUGHT. What?! First you have floods, and the next moment, you’re having a drought crisis. Got such thing ah? Now for the best part of unusual news I read:

A bizarre report in the China Daily yesterday said that the high temperatures increased the chances of SLEET and SNOW.

SNOW!! Can you believe it?! First flood, then drought, and then SNOW… What in the world…??! The world has seriously gone crazy!

In Europe, the temperature has soared to unbelievable heights. A good number of people have been affected by heatstroke because of the unbearable HEAT. B-b-but… it’s in EUROPE! The weather’s always cool there. Now the highest temperatures are up to 45 degrees. It has probably increased by now. How can Europe be hotter Malaysia? Even if it were summer there, it’s never quite right for the temperature to soar up to 45 degrees!

After reading all that, what do YOU think?

And oh yes, not to forget this last piece of news. I was watching CNN yesterday. Guess what, a major eight-lane Interstate 35W bridge in Minneapolis (Minnesota) collapsed. Without warning. Imagine if you were in the car and all of a sudden… Oh, I just can’t describe it! You must watch the video clip of the bridge collapsing into the great Mississippi River. Cars were strewn all over the broken bridge. Some were piled up on each other. As many as 50 vehicles fell into the river. More than 60 people were injured and four killed. There might be more bodies in the river that are yet to be found. Until now there is still no definite answer to why the bridge collapsed all of a sudden.

“I started hearing boom, boom, boom and we were just dropping, dropping, dropping, dropping…” – Jamie Winegar, a survivor

Perk up your ears and listen carefully. Can you hear all the “booming” around you? We’re dropping, dropping, dropping, and dropping… And we’ll turn out like the rest of this world if we don’t turn to God for our ultimate help. After all, in the end, we have no greater rescuer than Jesus Christ… =)

"When all turns dark and evil, only One stays eternally radiant and magnificent. That is, the true and living God Himself."

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