Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Leadership Training 2007 Pictures

The first arrivals. =) Clockwise from left: Hwai Tah, Jeffrey, Nick, Me, Sherene, and Penny.

Su Mei and I. Wrong time to purse your lips, Su Mei. =P

Su Ling and Dexter


Jason. My group advisor later on.

The PJ fellas.

Caught me yawning. Hahah. xD

Ice breaker.

Ai Lyn talking.

Our first egg-breaking crisis.

Ai Lyn's team: Chocolate Coated Coconuts.

David Poh's team: The Bananas.

My team: Chillax.

Michelle Ooi? =)

Su Ling, in her "hysterical state". Ahahahaha. :P

Yoke Ping!!! Glad you're back. =)

Miguel and Jen Lin (is that the right way to spell her name?)

Desmond Don's team: Lepak. =P

Zech and his group's lifejacket-for-cik-telur creation. What was it called again? Hexo-something-somethin'.

Joel broke egg!

Joyce's team: Heroes. Featuring Joshua, Matthew, Arthur, Jessica and Grace.

Justin and Dexter attempting to fit the egg into the balloon. Yes, the BALLOON. Some tough skills, really. Not everyone has the courage to do it anyway. Hahaha. Three cheers for Dexter!

No, we didn't fit the egg like this lar.

Our SECOND egg-breaking crisis. This time, I broke the egg. While it was in the balloon. Sobs. How tragic!

Ashley Walker (yes I got her surname) and Michelle.

Aisha. The Thinker.

Bernice and Hwai Tah

Sabrina and Sayfryil came, too. =)

Focus, Joyce, focus.

Our designer tote bag. Dexter and Eu Jin's ingenius idea. But not to forget, it's also a cute lifejacket for Cik Telur. Unfortunately, she plummeted to her doom from the staircase and ruined our designer creation as well. Gah.

Decent-ness. At first.

Wild nuttiness, on the other hand. Ahahaha, bet you didn't think of Coco-NUTS, did you?

Caleb. Our father-figure. :P

And last of all, Samuel Lim, our noble Cellophane tape bearer. Three cheers to Sam for being so patient. Hey, not everyone can hold a piece of tape and wait for someone to do something with it for so long OK... xD And credits to my dad, for snapping such a perfect candid shot! ;)

Last Saturday, I went for a Leadership Training workshop in Klang. It was supposed to be a training for the youth leaders in preparation for GY Camp. But it was open to everyone from youth. Man, I didn’t expect it to be so fun! It was organized by Hwai Tah and Benny Wong. Some of the PJ and USJ youths came also.

In the beginning, we were separated into 5 groups for some team-building activity. I was voted the team leader, and guess what our group name was?


Haha, yes, Chillax. A combination of chill and relax. I think it was Sam who suggested it.

My team members really ROCKED weih! =D Even though we lost the team-building game, and we went through 3 EGG-BREAKING CRISES, I think it was all worth it. We learned a lot of little lessons along the way, and I seriously think Dexter and our tragic egg story has made us all very famous. xD Hahah.

The people who rocked my team were: Dexter, Eu Jin, Sam Lim, Chee Hong, Michelle Ooi, Ashley, Lillian, Hui Ling, and Hanson. And not to forget, our group advisors: Justin and Jason. It was fun working with you fellas. ;)

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