Sunday, May 4, 2008

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Whoopee! Today I finally went for my first ever violin lesson! =D Yeap, you got that right. I’ve decided to take up violin as a second instrument. My parents have been planning for me to start since last year. I am learning under Uncle Prody now. Man, he’s the ultimate professional in violin. Boy am I glad to have the opportunity to learn from him!

For now, I actually haven’t gotten my own violin yet. It’s super expensive. But thankfully, my good ol’ violin-enthusiast friend, Michelle Cheong, was so kind as to lend me her old violin so I could try it out before I decide whether on not to splurge on buying a brand new one. :)

I discovered today that learning violin is so not easy. Of course, learning any instrument ain’t a piece of cake. It takes years of dedication and commitment to practice and practice. But most importantly, you yourself must enjoy it also la. If you think you are forced to learn, then what’s the point? But then again, it’s still good to try. If you have the chance, why not make it worthwhile and be excellent at it?

You know, I didn’t think that playing the violin would be so super tiring! As if holding the instrument between my chin and shoulder is not hard enough, I have to hold the violin up with my left hand and grip the bow with my right. While standing up the whole time. So every few minutes I had to stop to rest my aching arm! Haha. So I’m pretty convinced that all violinists must be real muscular in the arms since they have to hold it up for so long! :P

I find that usually most people who take violin lessons will end up quitting half way. I don’t blame them; now I understand that it’s really tiresome and it requires a lot of patience and endurance. But hey, I think I’ll enjoy the challenge. And I’m reaaaally grateful that at least I know my “basics” in music already, since I’ve been playing the piano.

So yeah, hopefully, I’ll learn to like violin as much as I like playing the piano. It’s a major difference. But I really thank God for the chance to learn violin. I’ve wanted to for quite some time. But I guess it’s still never too late. There’s always – always – room for more, right? =)

And oh, by the way, in case you were wondering whether I placed the wrong title for today’s post… I managed to figure out my first tune on the violin just now (yeap, you guessed it): Baa Baa Black Sheep! Hahaha, the best I could come up with. xD Well you just wait and see, I promise I’ll practice! :P

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