Monday, April 28, 2008

A Twinkle of Hope

It sort of came to my mind that many times, it is mostly in times of hopelessness that we suddenly remember that perhaps, our very last twinkle of hope can be found in God. That’s when we call out to Him. Most of the time, we may think we are capable enough to do a certain task on our own that we don’t think much of it. But when we are actually stuck in something, and when we realize that no one can help us, I find that we usually end up calling to God for help.

You know, sometimes I really can’t understand how some people can survive without knowing God. Who do they call to in their times of hopelessness? What will be their last “twinkle of hope” if they don’t have Jesus in their lives? If they don’t believe in God, it is most probable that they don’t believe in miracles either. To them, a miracle may just be a twist of luck. As for me, I am really so, so thankful that I know a God who knows my every need even before I need to ask for it.

Its hard to believe, but the Bible states that the every hair on our heads are numbered by God. He cares for us. Yes, many people question that if God really cares for us, why then is the world in such a mess? Why are there people who are so, so poor that they have to eat mudcakes – literally – and live in such miserable conditions? But really, if we people would use our God-given brains more efficiently, we’d accept the fact that all the poverty in this world is really the result of man’s own undoing!

It’s still true that life is unfair. Why is it that some people get so much, and some so little? Why is it that there are rich brats rich enough to feed their pet dogs caviar, and yet there are also the poor fellas who have to work at a young age to earn a meagre few dollars a month to feed a family? Why do some innocent children have to suffer the consequences of their irresponsible parents’ mistakes? Why, why, oh why? I would like answers, too. But ultimately, I suppose we will find out when we meet God face to face.

My dad once said, “Do you think it is very fun to be filthy rich?”

Honestly, I’d think it’d be oodles of fun. But then again, if I were to look at it in another angle, I’d think again. Of course, its not wrong to want to be rich. Who doesn’t want to enjoy life? But I suppose I can’t explain everything in every possible angle. I trust you’ll interpret my writing as I intended it to be. =) Haha. Anyway, many of us are considered very well-off. We’ve got a good home, good food, good clothes, good education – ain’t we so priveleged already? But at the same time, we must remember that those whom God blesses with extra, are also extra accountable to God for how they handle their God-given gifts.

Most of the time we end up keeping what we have for our own benefits. But sometimes, I am reminded that all that I am belongs to God. So what is there to fight for in this world? It’s really quite meaningless. “For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and on earth… All things were created through Him and for Him.” – Colossians 1:18.

That simply sums it up: We were created THROUGH Him and FOR Him. And our twinkle of hope in is God.

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