Friday, May 30, 2008

A Bad Hair Day

Have you heard of Murphy’s Law?

Just two days ago, I was laughing away while reading one of Su Ling’s “month-old” posts. :P It was an account of her “bad-hair day” at college. You know, one of those days when everything goes unexplainably wrong – at the wrong time, wrong place, and you might even say, targeted at the wrong person!

The term “Murphy’s Law” caught my attention at the beginning of Su Ling’s post. I remember that my mum had used the term a few times before when something unpredictably unpleasant happened. I recall one familiar incident.

There was once when my mum wanted to take me and my sisters out shopping. But then she remembered that the morning laundry was still not fully dried. My mum was rather indecisive on whether she should collect the clothes (just to be safe, in case it rained) or to leave it out to dry, since the weather looked like it’ll remain sunny throughout the day. In the end, we decided that we’ll leave it out and off we went shopping.

Unfortunately, in just about two hours’ time, the weather totally changed. Heavy, dark, rain clouds suddenly appeared out of nowhere and threatened to rain cats and dogs.
And to our dismay, by the time we rushed home, it was already too late. The clothes were drenched, and had to be washed again.

In pure irritation, I remember my mum saying, “Talk about Murphy’s Law! See, why must it be like that each time? When the clothes are put out, it’ll end up raining. But when we decide to be safe and collect it, the weather turns out to be all hot and sunny!”

Well, sometimes, I guess everyone goes through a bad hair day or two. It happens – at the wrong time, wrong person, wrong place, and everything else that can possibly be wrong. But then again, I couldn’t help but think, what about all the other days when everything goes perfectly well? When the sun is warm, and the skies all blue?

Are we grateful for the more memorable occasions in life? Do we ever remember to thank God for the days when everything goes smooth sailing? Surely all the other good days can make up for just a rare bad hair day or two?

Hmm, now that’s something I’ve been pondering over… Those were the questions that crossed my mind when I recalled the incident when the weather was not in our favor. Just thought I’d pose them here. ;)

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