Friday, November 27, 2009

The Best “School Day” Ever!

Today I had the best “school day” ever. It’s been a while since I’ve felt like that. =)

Do you have any idea how crazy ecstatic happy I am now?!! It’s a pity I’m at the train station in the city and I can’t scream or shout my thanks to God and express my sheer excitement and happiness or jump around like a lunatic. D: Yikes. :D

Okay, maybe I should elaborate excitement…

Today was the last day of orientation at VCASS. Orientation actually ended at 12 pm. But I and another new girl, Tatjana (Tatiana) who’s a violinist, decided to stay back and hang around with some of the other Year 10 VCASS students who are doing composition work. I had such great fun this afternoon, you know – the sort of fun that I never imagined I would find in a school. I truly thank God that I’ve found it at long last. Well I hope that I have.

During that time, we talked about music (classical music, in fact – and mind you, it was nowhere near BORING, as opposed to what most people think) and to my sheer delight, Tatjana and another guy Jovan started searching classical music videos on YouTube! I was thinking, that’s what I always do, but so far I’ve never really met anyone else at my current school who’s that much interested in classical music. Hahaha. I was so glad that they knew so many of the works and concertos. Compared to them, I was the one who seemed new to it all.

Also, one of my happiest moments was when I showed Tatjana and Jovan Shostakovich’s Piano Concerto No. 2 (my favourite ever concerto) on my Ipod and they loved it, too! There was this “magic moment” I found in the piece that Tatjana also found amazing. And to my surprise, when she started looking through the songs in my Ipod, she could identify with all the classical and film music I listen to! I was so glad. FINALLY, I’ve actually found a friend who appreciates this!!!

Although at Blackburn High there’s a good music program, I still never found anyone who was actually as mad about music as I am. Well, they’re mad about other genres of music, at least. But anyway, there was one friend who jokingly called me a music nerd. Haha! Sure I am. =) Even when one of the top violinists saw my Ipod, she was like, “Haha, gosh, Janielle, you listen to this kinda’ music?” Meaning, classical and awesome film music (John Williams and Hans Zimmer :D :D). Sigh, they just don’t understand and hear it!!!

But today I thank God so much that finally, oh finally, I’ve met other “music nerds” who appreciate what I love. Oh, but maybe I should take back the “music nerd” part. For all you know, we’re probably the coolest kids around, if only people can get it in the right perspective. Haha, think about it, I’m right, right?

Talking about nerds and cool kids, I should have a say about what I found out in 1 year of schooling in a real school. I found out that everyone else doesn’t care about anyone else other than themselves. No one is really making any real friends cause’ everyone is just “riding on each other’s backs”, as my dad put it. No one is being true who they really are inside, and everyone is just copying the rest of the world, thinking that they are discovering who they are. But it is really a lie of the devil. They are silencing the voice God has placed in their hearts – that voice that calls them to their destiny and reminds them of their unique identity fashioned by the Creator.

Even I have struggled to maintain the unique identity God has given me. I have tried to hang out with different people. But I’ve never really bothered to continue joining any of them. It is not even an issue about “fitting in” or being “anti-social”, as most people are wrongly labelled if they keep to themselves. No, no, no. That’s the biggest misconception. I find that those who are quiet often are the “stable” ones. They are not deterred by the culture the world sets or “the cool thing to do”. They remain quiet because if they speak, it will only fall on deaf ears or ears that do not hear or understand.

I have also found out from 1 year of schooling that I don’t have to “worry about what other people think of me”, because the fact of the matter is, no one is thinking about me. And the truth is, I only have to worry about what GOD thinks of me. Why? Simply because God is the only one that is thinking about me! =) How simple. Yet I can hardly grasp it. I still worry about what people think. But as long as I keep this in mind, I don’t think I will ever stray too far from this truth.

So anyway, today’s meet up with the music students was so fruitful for me. I hope in 1 year’s time, God would have helped me to find a good friend at VCASS. I pray God sends the right people to cross my path, and more importantly, that I myself will be a good friend to someone out there. =)

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