Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Yesterday I went to Phillip Island with my family, my visiting relatives and another family friend. It was a perfectly beautiful sunny day (too sunny, in fact!) and the sea was so, so blue! It was a deep, rich, dark blue, and in some parts it was a mesmerizing aqua blue. Words fail to describe the beauty of it! I was mesmerized. It beats the stunning blue seas that you see in Pirates of the Caribbean! :D

When we arrived, we had some fish and chips at the bridge to Phillip Island and saw the pelicans and 2 stingrays in the clear blue-green waters near the pier. After that, I suggested to visit Cape Woolamai, a place I read about in the tourist book. Cape Woolamai is a well-known surf beach and if you walked along the coast and took a trail up the cape, you’d reach the highest peak in the island. This excited me most. =) I wanted to see the interesting rock formations along the coast and the expanse of the blue seas around the island and beyond. Ever the nature lover and adventurous gal, I wasn’t planning to just laze on the beach like everyone else!

So we travelled a short distance to Cape Woolamai and after my dad found out where the trail was, we set off. It seemed like the only people who were most interested and game for such scenic adventures were me and my dad – and usually our whole family. My Aunt Rachel also came along with her son, Mark. A few of the younger kiddoes came along too. We walked and trudge along the inner bare landscape under the blazing hot sun (there were only small bushes and shrubs). Thankfully, the cooling sea breeze kept us going.

I must say, the cool air fooled me to think that the sun wasn’t so hot. My skin was literally burning without me realizing it! When I looked in the mirror this morning, I got a fright! My arms and neck were burned so badly – it was all red and sore. Thank goodness I did put some sun block on my face; otherwise I’d be abnormally red in the face. The sun was especially harmful yesterday because we had no cover on the trail, and there were no clouds at all (that explains the exceptionally blue seas).

Although walking to the peak and back was about 10 km, and I came back with a bad sunburn, I still have no regrets doing it. Good exercise, too. But it really was worth it! When we walked along the cliff sides of the cape, the view was simply stunning! My aunty came back teasing me that through the whole walk I kept saying “Oh my gosh, this is so beautifullll!” or “My gosh, so nice!” and “Oh my gosh” again and again. But it really was such a fantastic view. Even the photos taken doesn’t do justice to the real thing, the real experience – which includes the sea breeze and the sun on my face, the sound of the wind and the crash of the waves! Hey it rhymes, too. =)

Okay, now enough of meagre descriptions that don’t match up to the real thing! Here are the pictures we took. =)

Taking a shot with aunty Rachel and Janna at the pier under the bridge that crosses to Phillip Island.

We saw two stingrays in the shallow blue-green waters at the pier!

The pelicans were huge!

Haha, my dad and his cowboy hat =)

At the Cape Woolamai surf beach.

I was so mesmerized by this!!! It was unlike any beach or sea view I've ever seen before!


Better than the seas in Pirates of the Carribean, right? I've always wanted to see something like this! And this photo was not edited or contrasted in any way.

The group of us who hiked up the long way! I think it was well worth it, hey!

Jirene and my mum couldn't join us three unfortunately because Jirene wasn't feeling well. So it was just the 3 of us that day.

I really like this photo! It so happened that where my dad stood on the rock, his arms "touched" the edge of the sea's horizon!

This was a candid shot that my aunt took while Janna and I were actually posing for my dad! But it somehow looks so cool cause' of the sky as well.

Another beautiful part of the cape =)

I could see the whole coast line from up there! It was the awesom-est view ever! I could see all the waves crashing one after another from different parts of the shore. Soooo nice!!! :D

:D :D :D Beautifullllll.

I luv this one, too. =)

All beautiful photos, aren’t they? Anyone can take a great shot up there! The view makes it so easy and thoroughly enjoyable. =) Hopefully before school starts we can visit other unexplored spots around Melbourne.

Have a great New Year’s, peeps!

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