Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Real Summer Hols – Finally!

Finally, this one week has been a real summer holiday for me. My family has been hosting our relatives from KL – 3 cousins and our aunty Rachel and aunty May. It has been great having them over! They brought over a lot of stuff that we needed, and the stuff are much cheaper in M’sia. Also, my aunties bought us some really fancy black dresses for my orchestra performances and other occasions. I also needed some big shoulder bags and backpacks for travelling to the city next year and I’m really glad I didn’t have to shop for the stuff over here!

I can’t believe they have finally arrived! Just a year ago we waved goodbye at the airport before flying to Melbourne. Thank God so much that they can join us here for a 1 month holiday! So nice, right.

This week alone, I went to the city 3 times! Just yesterday I went to meet up with 2 new girls I met at the VCASS orientation, Tatjana and Justine. I was really glad that we felt so “at home” with each other although this is only the 4th time we’ve met, and only for a short time. Tatjana agreed that there were hardly any “awkward moments” like we would usually have when meeting people we hardly know. But in our case, we clicked almost instantly. =)

These few days I’ve been walking so, so much! And we’ve been eating out a lot.
Today my sisters and I, with my aunties and cousins stayed at the city for one night. We did a lot of walking and visited different parts of Melbourne city. I’m much more familiar with the tram routes and train lines now. It’s a really good thing since I’ll be going to the city everyday soon. Today we also went to the St. Kilda Beach, which is the nearest in the city vicinity and only 15 minutes tram ride from VCASS. I had the best time just taking a nap on the beach and sun-basking with the cool breeze blowing constantly, and my iPod playing!

Now we’re back home, and we’ll be relaxing and sleeping late the next few days before Christmas comes. Man, it’s been going too fast! Now I only have 6 more weeks before school starts, instead of 8. =( I need more time to chill before things get busy again! Haha.

I also just realized that I haven’t been progressing in photography! I’ve been so busy and occupied with other things. And before we had our relatives over, we spent a few days shifting stuff to a newer rented house. Then it was a lot of packing and all that. I regret that I haven’t found time to enjoy some macro photography and to discover new subjects to snap! But now that I remember, I’ll make it a point to brush up on photography soon.

So anyway, this has been an update that’s pretty much “all over the place”. I’ll get organized again soon – but its holidays after all!

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