Sunday, April 4, 2010

VCASS Year 11 Photos =)

We recently took some year level group photos with our Year 11 schoolmates. Both with dancers and our specialist music group. They’ve been posting on Facebook and tagging peeps. So I thought I’d just share them here.

Haha, I know, its been ages since I’ve blogged! I don’t even have the snippet of time to update during weekends. Now we’re having term one break for two weeks. Half of it is gone already. And all I’ve done this week is practice 5 hours a day and catch up on the mountain of repertoire, both solo and ensemble, that I need to get a grip on. Phew.

But I’ve really been settling in well in VCASS and mind you, its not all fun. We probably have 5 times the workload and stress to handle compared to “normal” kids. Haha. But the school itself is really comfy and in between classes and music we can chill out on the bean bags and couches. It’s really cool. Just thank God for such an opportunity to work with people who are focused and dedicated and truly passionate about what they do.

Everyday I travel to school and sometimes I look around me and realize how far-fetched this life is if I were to imagine such a life 2 years ago. Just 2 years ago! It’s pretty amazing that everyday when I go to school I pass the Arts Center and the VCA, and the National Gallery of Victoria and Melbourne Recital Center. It’s pretty cool when I think about it. But some days I seldom notice and I take things for granted. Oh wells. I mustn’t forget to be thankful for each day. =)

A Year 11 group shot with dancers and musicians. Spot me, I'm wearing orange in the second row. =)

The musos in our fun shot - there are only 17 of us musicians in Year 11 =) I'm standing with Tatjana and Lena, behind Matt, the guy with the guitar.

Aww. Year 11 fun shot. Whee. =)

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