Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sleepover at Emily Sheppard’s =)

Last weekend, I went for a small sleepover hang out at Emily Sheppard’s place. There were five of us all Year 11 girls from VCASS: me, Emily Sheppard, Emily Lanham (“renowned” for her awesome baking skills and making the “healthy” sugarless choc-cake for the night :P), Tatjana Reuter and Justine Ayers. It was a fun “celebration” since we’ve all finally finished our music exams and everything else for 2010! There was no more worry and stress, and we could just enjoy ourselves thoroughly. =)

For the first time in the past few weeks, I finally enjoyed myself without a care in the world. These girls that I’ve met at VCASS this year have been great, great company!!!

Here are the wonderful photos we took that night. =)

                                Movie at Chadstone =) Justine, Kathy, Tatjana, Emily, Sariah and me

                                                           Lunch at Pancake Parlour! :D

                                         Sleepover =) I love, love, love this shot of 5 of us! :D

                                                 How cute, right. Except me and Justine :P

                                                                              Rawr :P

                            Having Emily Lanham's "healthy" sugarless, chocolate cake :D :D :D
                              Hahaha, she's always the one baking cakes for us at gatherings. =)

                                                       Emily our Masterchef in the house =)

 Such a sweeeeet photo of Emily L. with her yummy cake =)

 Me and Justine ready to devour Emily's cake!!!

 Justine and Tatjana

Emily Sheppard, Tatjana and I having pasta dinner in the backyard =)

You girls were awesome company!!!! We're so having another sleepover soooooon :D :D :D

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