Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Celebrating Australian PR Approval After 2 Years!

Finally, after two years of living in Melbourne, our family has been granted our official Australian Permanent Residence. It is nothing short of a miracle that we’ve come this far. From the day we migrated to Australia in November 3rd 2008, and stepped in Melbourne for the first time, knowing that for the next 3 years we won’t be able to go back to M’sia. All 5 of us arrived in Melbourne without a job, car, house or relatives. My sisters and I didn’t know what school we’d be going to.

We almost stepped into a “new dimension”. Life in such a beautiful and wealthy country was totally new. Going to a real high school was totally foreign and intimidating at first. But by God’s grace and providence we all have made it this far. We began this journey trusting God to lead us and open the right doors in a new land. We also arrived at this point, finally getting our PR, trusting that God will allow it to be granted to us in His perfect timing.

The story of how we were granted our Australian PR is nothing short of a miracle too. All glory to our God!

About 3 weeks ago, my dad sent the lengthy documents proving that we’ve all been living, working and studying here the past 2 years without returning to M’sia. People have warned us that it usually takes about 6 months + a medical checkup for the whole family before they grant us the PR. The odds were more so against us since it’s the Christmas season, and if you know Australia, everything stops during Christmas break!

So anyway, my dad prayed that we would get the PR before Christmas. It was almost, nearly, really, quite an impossibility! But my dad projected ahead and had the peace that God would answer. Of course, my mom and all of us prayed too.

But my dad pushed it even further, so that no one can say it is mere coincidence. On December 9, he prayed that the PR would be granted in 3 days time.

And most amazingly, dad received an email on December 11 saying the PR has been approved! More incredulously, we didn’t even have to waste money on taking medical checkups and go back to M’sia to stamp our visa! Most people had to go through these procedures and the long wait before they receive the PR. So very truly, it was nothing short of a miracle! We got it in less than a month!

To celebrate and have family thanksgiving, dad brought us out to a fine dining Modern Fusion Cuisine restaurant for a scrumptious meal. =)

Jirene and her appetiser =)

I love the food decoration! =) Essentially, that's what we're paying for... Hahaha.The novelty of having flowers and leaves and pebbles on your plate in addition to the delicious food. :P

Green tea Cheese cake =)

Red bean Macaroons =)

All glory goes to God for His abundant grace and providence over our lives. As much as it is heartening that we have crossed this hurdle, dad also reminded us that we can never get too comfortable. We mustn’t forget that God has brought us here and given us the faith and ability to make it this far FOR A PURPOSE. =)


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Nice!! Hmm... Jirene looks chubbier now then she used to be... Can hardly recognise much if it wasn't for her cute big eyes

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