Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lena's "Old-Clothes Swap" =)

Lena recently had a really cool idea. She invited us girls to her place for an old-clothes swap... Basically, we all had to bring our old or unwanted clothes, show everyone, dump them in a pile, and start swapping! It was so fun and FUNNY!!! :P

We took turns and paraded with the clothes and decided who wanted what most. Haha. It was so funny when someone couldn't fit into an unbelievably small-sized pants or dress! We should so do it again. =)

Here are the pictures we took. And oh, the later pictures were taken on another day when we went for an outing to Brunswick for shopping and eating pizzas, pancakes and chocolate cakes! :D

Hahaha, after the awesome clothes-swapping! Too bad we didn't take pictures while doing it. All too busy trying on stuff and not at all flattering for the camera... :P


 Justine Ayers, Nicole Ng, Emily Lanham and I at PANCAKE PARLOUR for the 3rd TIME!!! =)

Shopping. Coolest designer hats for $94! No, we didn't buy them. :P

 Kathy Chow, Justine Ayers, Nicole Ng and Emily Lanham.

Rich chocolate cake with whipped cream. Scrumptious. =) With Tatjana and Emily Lanham.

Justine, Tatjana, me, Emily and Lena at Pancake Parlour AGAIN!!! Hahaha =)

We promised we'd go out more often next year since it's our last year of highschool + we've all gotten to know each other better the past few months!!! This year at VCASS has been a long, challenging and exciting year for me. It's the best school I've ever been to, and I've had the best company at VCASS. =) Can hardly wait for what's in stored for 2011!

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