Monday, January 24, 2011


Written from my heart, while sitting in a park near the Warrandyte River. Cool and breezy, quiet tranquility.

Swirling ideas
Truths untold
Promoting false hopes
And many tall tales

What is right
What is wrong
All muddled up
In the throng

What is light
What is darkness
Who is good
Who is heartless?

Hear the laughter
And piercing screams
Hear the crying
See scattered dreams

While there is life
Barely life
There is death
Cold, dark death

Children orphaned
Families torn
People hungry
Spiritually worn

How to tell
What is truth, who is lying?
How to tell
What's alive, who's really dying?

Keep a straight face
While inside you're wavering
The outward is a farce
Nothing but mere acting

In the deafening chaos
Full of noises
We lose our own voice
And all purpose ceases

Why are we here?
Many aimlessly drift
Why do we fear?
In the carnage we grieve

Success is often short-lived
Riches ultimately meaningless
Beauty inevitably temporal
& Philosophy often faithless

Often we miss the point
Life flying past
Before we know it
Time's up in the Hourglass
Yesterday was a gift
Today is a present ;)
Tomorrow is not a promise
But a chance graciously given

A chance to speak truth
An opportunity to do right
A day to reach for heaven
A chance to walk in the Light

In spite of confusion
Strive to know the Truth
Despite the dire situation
Seek to find Him in your youth

While the world thinks,
'We've got all the time in the world'
We should say,
'Let's not place our hopes in tomorrow!'

Live today
Savour the moment
Pray and pray
Don't just go through the motion

Trust not in power
Nor simply in might
Trust not in men
Nor live by sight

See through the lies
Sift through deception
Open your eyes
And see past the confusion!

By Janielle :)

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