Sunday, January 2, 2011


Its all a facade.

Our world is steeped in deception.

For example, see the profile pictures on Facebook?

The majority of us are not really intending to post up & display to the world the not-so-appealing side of us. OBVIOUSLY. Or else Facebook wouldn't be so appealing.

People put up a show of what they would LIKE others to think they are. I admit, I do it too. The urge to project a false but appealing image of ourselves in the cyberworld & even in reality is so unavoidable that its almost intoxicating.

In the media, in the news, in the headlines, its all the same old, same old. Creating a beautiful-enough outer facade to fool the world. Those who cannot see past the surface will take it as true, as truly wonderful and beautiful. But we must SEE. We cannot afford to NOT see!

But of course, if we go around trying to 'find fault' in people & attempting to dig up whatever underlying threat or lie they might harbour, we would become very unpopular and miserable and no one would like us! True or not?

So is it an either-or matter? I think there is one thing we CAN do:

We must DISCERN.

The word 'discern' has its roots in Old French, meaning 'to divide or separate BY SIFTING'.

To discern is the process of knowing right from wrong by sifting whatever we read, hear and perceive in daily life as we interact with people & evaluate ourselves.

But how can we sift rightly? What are our standards of right and wrong? Where is the line clearly drawn? How do we know if we've discerned correctly?

I believe no one can discern unless GOD gives us the ability and the wisdom to do so. Without the filter or sifting net of God's word, we will have no standard of what's right in order to know where the line is drawn. Therefore in order for me to know right from wrong, to see through the deceptive facade in so many areas of life, I must ask God to OPEN MY EYES and give me a discerning heart. I must know His word & see the world in light of God's truth.

Nothing beats the truth. When we put lies, half-truths, and tall-tales beside the Word of God, the delusive words crumble while the Truth firmly remains!

'For the Word of God is living and active, sharper than an double-edged sword. It penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints & marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.' Hebrews 4:12

To know the Truth,
Janielle =)


Suba said...

this is an amazing piece! so applicable in daily life. This post has left me wondering, "am i living a God centered life?" this a problem we often stumble upon in daily life. this has been a real encouragement :) keep it up!

Janielle Beh said...

Wow thanks for dropping by Suba! Glad it got you thinking! Hope you have a great year ahead trusting God's guidance in everything you do! God bless =)


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