Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Pause Button

Monday, June 20, 2011 at 9:41am
Do you ever wish life had a pause button?

Sometimes I just want to stop. You get what I mean. Wouldn't that be delightfully convenient?

Some days we just don't have the motivation, nor the inspiration, or the strength to keep going. It'd be nice if we could hit the pause button and just have that window of time for our hearts and souls to catch up with our bodies and our fast-paced lifestyle!

People don't have time to think these days. I don't have time to read a thought-provoking and inspirational book. We don't have time to catch up with the people who matter. We don't have time to reach out to someone who needs a word of encouragement, a helping hand, a thoughtful gesture.

Yet we all know that if we go on everyday neglecting to do all these things, we really are not living. At least the way Jesus did. He had frequent windows of time where He would retreat to a place of stillness and renew his spirit. Jesus took time to pause and reach out to the people who were normally overlooked and downtrodden. Jesus made time to proclaim the truth and to wash his disciples' feet. He took time aside to remove himself from the world, to fast and pray and to meditate on the Word.

None of us seldom ever make all these things a priority as Jesus did. Can you imagine we continue living the way we do all our lives? In the end, what have we truly accomplished? Would we have truly lived each moment, not focused on ourselves, but on the people around us?

All is vanity if we do not live each moment for God's glory.

~ j a n i e ll e

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